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Landcare Australia works with governments, corporate organisations and donors to facilitate funding opportunities for Landcare, Junior Landcare and Coastcare groups.

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Junior Landcare Grants
Schools, preschools, kindergartens and youth groups are invited to apply for a grant through the Junior Landcare programme as they become available.

Landcare Australia Communities Portal

  • Login to the communities portal with the link below
  • Click on grant you want to apply for.
  • Click on ‘Create Application’.
  • If you wish to leave a partially completed application, press ‘Save’ and log out. You can log back in and continue to edit your application form until you are ready to submit.
  • To submit your application, select the ‘Is application complete?’ checkbox and press ‘Save’.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been successfully submitted.

For questions about online submissions, please refer to the FAQs tab on the Landcare Australia Communities Portal or email


For information about projects funded through Landcare Australia’s grants program, view our Case Studies below:

Reducing orchard emissions while cutting electricity bills

Neil and Lynda Boardman operate a 100-acre orchard where they produce oranges for juicing. Spread over two sites, on a property located near Leeton in the NSW Riverina, the orchard is irrigated to ensure the trees are adequately watered to produce fruit. With...

Beating Back the Browsers

The levels of browsing pressure by animals, particularly Sambar Deer on newly-planted Landcare revegetation sites in East Gippsland, is resulting in very high mortality rates of new seedlings.   So, last year, when the East Gippsland Landcare Network (EGLN) received...

Faster more efficient watering increases productivity

In 2017 Garry Wachter, owner and operator of a 400 acre milking farm with 154 a2 cows, applied for and received an a2 Milk™ Sustainable Agriculture Landcare Grant.  The funds were used to implement a project to improve on-farm water use and efficiency by installing a...

Nutrient reuse grows cheaper grass

Hastings dairy farm has a herd of 350 cows. With nearly 120 hectares of mainly irrigated dairy pasture and a herd of 350 cows, Hastings Park in the NSW mid-north coast is a highly productive farm.  The cows produce approximately 2.6 million litres of a2 Milk™...

Tallygaroopna ‘Station Park’ Regeneration

In 2018, the Congupna Tallygaroopna Landcare Group successfully completed the Tallygaroopna Station Park Regeneration project. The project involved eradicating weeds, planting indigenous species, constructing a walking path and installing signage at Station Park....
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