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Measuring our Impact

From its humble beginning in 1985 as an initiative of Joan Kirner – then Minister for Conservation, Forest and Lands – to encourage a sustainable, integrated approach to agriculture and environmental management through local community groups, the Landcare movement has become the biggest environmental management movement in the country.

With the collaboration and support of federal and state government, corporate partners and local Landcare communities, there are now over 5,400 Landcare and Coastcare groups across the country, and over 20 countries have now adopted the Landcare model that was developed here in Australia.

The keystones of Landcare are that it is community owned and driven, it encourages integrated management of environmental assets with productive farmland, and it promotes a more sustainable approach to private land management.

How have we managed to make such a significant impact?

The success of the Landcare model is due in part to its ‘bottom up’ philosophy.

A Landcare group usually starts when community members with common objectives notice a local environmental issue that needs to be resolved and connect to make it happen. For example, erosion of sand dunes due to mismanaged beach access or weeds affecting agricultural productivity. Groups set their own agenda, work on their projects as often as they like, and choose their own sites. Groups can apply for funding from a range of sources to support their work including local, state, and federal government and Landcare Australia.

We are only able to achieve what we do through the inspiring contributions of the passionate individuals who make up Australia’s Landcare movement. Their sense of stewardship, enduring commitment and deep appreciation for our natural environment is why Landcare exists today. Its people are its greatest asset.

Moving forward

Whilst Landcare Australia recognises and appreciates the value of what has already been achieved, we understand that so much more can be done if we are able to engage the entire community and not just those who are already passionate about the sustainability and productivity of our land.

With the vision of all Australians actively caring for the land and water that sustains us being front of mind, we continue to explore new ways of raising funds to grow and support the Landcare community.

Do you want to join the Landcare movement and help make a real difference to your local environment? Find out how you can get involved here. The impact we can make, together, is enormous.

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