Bee in the Junior Landcare Challenge!

Junior Landcare has a challenge for kids across Australia to build 1,000 bee hotels in schools, homes and with community groups.

With the support of teachers, parents and landcare groups, children will learn why bees are important to their local environment.

Did you know that there are more than 1,600 species of native bees in Australia?

Did you know that bees play an important environmental role pollinating plants to help them reproduce?

Flies, butterflies and ladybirds are also important pollinators. Even moths help pollinate the plants that open flowers at night.

Nearly all of the bee species are solitary (no queens and workers) and build small individual nests. Junior Landcare will show you the types of bee hotels you can build to care for our native bees.

Most native bees are too small to deliver an effective sting and they are not aggressive.

You can bee involved in the Junior Landcare challenge to create a home for bees and help look after our environment.

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