Landcare actively working with NRM agencies to care for Australia’s natural assets  


The Australian Government’s National Landcare Program funds a wide range of sub-programs and organisations to manage Australia’s natural assets. A major component of the National Landcare Program is the Regional Land Partnerships program (RLP) that contributes to the conservation of Australia’s water, soil, plants, animals, and ecosystems, as well as supporting the productive and sustainable use of these valuable resources.

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) has recently published a report about the performance audit of the $450 million RLP. The RLP provides funding to 54 Natural Resource Management organisations, which include Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs), Local Land Services (LLS), Natural Resources Management agencies (NRMs) and others across Australia. The ANAO’s report is mildly critical of some administrative processes of the RLP, and made some recommendations for improvement.

Landcare Australia, the National Landcare Network and the wider Landcare movement does not manage the RLP. However many Landcare groups receive some important funding and have good relationships with the NRM organisations involved in the program.

Despite the use of ‘Landcare’ in the Government program’s name, Landcare Australia, the National Landcare Network and the wider Landcare community has no responsibility for the matters raised in the ANAO performance audit as reported recently in the media. Together, we will continue to work hard to support the many thousands of volunteers and groups involved in the Landcare movement who are restoring, enhancing and protecting Australia’s natural assets.

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