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Defenders of the Earth Workplace Giving Programme

Want to participate in a meaningful workplace giving programme that delivers real results?

Did you know that employees who get involved in their company’s workplace giving programmes; take fewer sick days, are more productive, and are more engaged in their organisation, than their colleagues that don’t participate in a philanthropic cause?

As an employer, you benefit from greater staff retention, more innovation, and you create a framework for building a future of effective leaders.

Why should you be a superhero and participate in Landcare’s Defenders of the Earth Workplace Giving programme?

• For over 25 years, Landcare Australia has supported and funded thousands of projects to protect the health of our Australian environment.

• The Landcare community consists of over 5,400 groups and over 100,000 volunteers overseeing all corners of our country’s urban, agricultural and natural landscapes.

• Many of Australia’s largest companies partner with us, supporting our sustainable agriculture and environmental projects.

• Over 9,000 schools nationally have been touched by Junior Landcare which contributes to the education of the future custodians of our land – Australia’s youth.

• You’ll be helping to protect the Australian environment for future generations.


Why participate in our Defenders of the Earth Workplace Giving Programme?

By supporting Landcare Australia through our Defenders of the Earth Workplace Giving Programme, your hard earned dollars go directly towards funding many critical projects being managed by hard-working Landcare community groups. Landcare projects focussing on biodiversity, threatened species, indigenous Landcare and sustainable farming.

In the 2015/16 financial year, a total of $100,000 was raised through workplace giving contributions to fund 50 small grants to Landcare groups throughout Australia, and four special projects. However, there’s a lot more we’d like to do, but we need your help.

Join Landcare Australia’s vision in helping to protect the health of our Australian environment by empowering Landcare groups throughout Australia, and become a Defenders of the Earth Workplace Giving partner today.

Call us today for a Landcare’s Defenders of the Earth Workplace Giving kit on 1800 151 105.

Alternatively, email us at

A few biodiversity projects we have funded

Innovative fungus trials to save the WA agriculture industry. Funds Raised – $15,000

In the effort to control parkinsonia (a weed of national significance) along the De Grey River in Western Australia, new technologies using native Australian fungi are being trialled. The fungus is injected into the parkinsonia plant, killing it and neighbouring plants without affecting the environment and surrounding pasture land for cattle.

Keeping threatened species secure on King Island. Funds Raised -13,950

Inkweed has started to become an issue on King Island and it has started to spread in local habitats, impacting endangered species and their agriculture industry. Your funds will help start this vital project and eradicate this weed from the island before it becomes an infestation that could cripple the whole industry and impact the food we eat.

A few endangered species and habitat restoration projects we have funded

Habitat restoration for the nationally endangered southern brown bandicoot. Funds Raised – $7,880

The Sturt Upper Reaches Landcare Group have identified an opportunity to improve the habitat of the endangered southern brown bandicoot, which is classified as vulnerable in areas across the Central Hills of South Australia. The group will increase the links between bandicoot breeding areas in order to protect movement of bandicoots between isolated sub-populations, allowing breeding of these species to occur.

Protecting the future of brolgas. Funds Raised – $14,980

Brolgas, which are large grey cranes with a featherless red head and grey crown, are classified as vulnerable in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria, heavily impacted by agriculture, weeds and predators. With over 40 brolgas gathering at Pink Lake every year for mating, the Lismore Land Protection Group have developed a project plan to; fence the lakes, eradicate rabbits and control foxes using baiting, and control and remove weeds from the harbour to help protect the future of brolgas.

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