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Starting your own Group

Are you interested in looking after our environment and making a hands-on difference to your land and the community? Can’t find a Landcare or Coastcare group in your area? Or are you looking to start a specific project that isn’t currently being covered by another group?

Why not start your own!

Download your New Group Starter Kit

It’s really quite simple especially if you use our New Group Starter Kit as a guide. The kit contains a step-by-step system for starting a Landcare, Coastcare, Bushcare, Dunecare, ‘Friends of’, Beachcare or Rivercare group.

What’s in the New Group Starter Kit?

The kit is packed with information about getting other volunteers on-board, setting up your committee, formal requirements like registering your group, applying for funding, managing your grant money and more. There are tips on how to maintain your group as well.

Of course, you might prefer to do things slightly differently and that’s okay too. The kit is a general guide if you want to use it.

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