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Design or Align Your Own Landcare Farming Project

The Landcare Farming Program, is a joint partnership between the National Landcare Network and Landcare Australia, funded by the Australian Government to strengthen the connection between Landcare and Australian agriculture and build agricultural community resilience. The partnership is working together to promote the hard work and commitment of Australian farmers, land managers and our regional Landcare groups. If you’re passionate about your land, and the natural systems that sustain us, you can join with our network of over 25,000 farmers and land managers and get involved.

Landcare Farming Program – research, network and key RDC contacts

The Landcare Farming Program (LFP) is developing a national strategy that aligns our goals and objectives with leading industry research and best practice to demonstrate the key themes of the Commonwealth’s Agriculture Stewardship Package.

The LFP team have strong, cross industry networks of professional industry extension and consultant networks and advisors. We believe co-design of projects using common themes and monitoring and evaluation provides much better return to our investors, so we are working to co-design projects/products and media across common themes, principles and reporting.

If you would like to know more about our projects please contact us at [email protected]

Find funding/develop partnerships or projects

The Landcare Farming Program promotes funding and partnership opportunities for the Landcare farming groups, including the latest news, grants programs, campaigns, group resources and other useful information.

Design Your Own Landcare Farming Project web page

If you have an opportunity you would like to have promoted to our farming network and community groups, we welcome EOI, grants proposals, submissions for funding or partnership opportunities. 

Online templates

The Landcare Farming Program provides a common set of project development and reporting tools to ensure all of the projects are able to provide repeatable and robust information to help us demonstrate the value of the investment to our stakeholders – and in doing so provide strong evidence of capacity building and stewardship outcomes to Australia customers, consumers and the broader community.

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