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What’s it all about ?

The Landcare Farming Program team will deliver a series of carbon footprint and natural capital accounting workshops nationally throughout 2021. We are encouraging producers to apply if they are  genuinely interested in knowing how carbon footprint and/or natural capital schemes will underpin industry/sector sustainability strategy reporting, future investment and potential new markets.

This project looks to develop an awareness and adoption pathway for on-farm integration. Both schemes offer new concepts to Australian agriculture producers, and are increasingly aligned to stakeholder investment and reporting objectives. End-user input (producer input) is essential to move both schemes from ‘proof of concept’ and into standard agricultural management practices. The Landcare network is uniquely placed to help deliver input and ground-truthing into how the concepts (and associated decision support tools) are developed, extended and applied.

The workshops will include:

  • 25 carbon footprint workshops, with 10 participants per workshop (250 participants).
  • 25 natural capital accounting workshops with 10 participants per workshop (250 producers) and up to ten resource management experts for local support.
  • Workshop participants completing the training will receive a tailored property report, a comparison against industry benchmarks, and a personalised SWOT of their carbon/environmental account.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to be accredited as natural capital accounting expert or develop their basic understanding of trade carbon if interested, each opening up potential new income streams for regional groups and landholders.

What’s the aim?

The aim is demonstrate both these processes by benchmarking the current on-farm situation of 500 enterprises and create motivation and curiosity for further participation. An outcome of the initial benchmarking project, we seek to establish a network of interconnected producers, landscapes and industry stakeholders using common themes, benchmark data and goals. These groups (or ‘hubs’) will allow national alignment across multiple themes and activities, and will be used to strengthen Landcare’s connection with the agricultural sector.

By November 2021, these baseline benchmarks will provide ‘local’ feedback on the themes that will be required for best management practice for improved carbon and natural capital accounting outcomes. Beyond 2021, we aim to co-invest in a projects with the appropriate partners to extend industry awareness, develop tools, create policy design and development, and increase on-farm industry investment.

How will the project components be delivered?

The Landcare Farming Program, in partnership with the Contractor and the State and Territory Landcare Organisations, ill deliver a comprehensive media campaign to invite producers to participate in the project. A joint monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework will be developed for these workshops, including using a face to face interview of each enterprise (pre and post workshop), a workshop feedback form, and a short SWOT report analysing the de-identified group findings. The M&E is critical and is used to demonstrate to industry and investors that the information collected is robust. This enhances our ability to secure further funding and support to help more producers.

Following the workshops, the Landcare Farming Program team along with the producers and the Landcare network, will develop regional hubs to align common SWOT analysis and develop personalised group actions plans. The Landcare Farming Program network will continue to promote areas of core business, for example, weed and pest control, revegetation, shelterbelts, corridor plantings, feedbase and biomass production, improved soil condition and grazing practices. Areas outside of our core business however, such as managing animal efficiencies, farm inputs, feed, fertility, genetics, marketing etc.), will be extended by Landcare Farming Program via CoP workshops and webinars using leading agriculture experts.

Environmental or Carbon Footprint – which workshop is for me?

The workshops will target grazing (sheep, beef, dairy), broad acre cropping and horticulture producers. Participants who complete the training will be invited to work with the Landcare Farming partners to design and deliver demonstration sites to address areas identified within their group findings post completion. Additionally, all participants will be encouraged to provide case studies to demonstrate management actions impacting their individual or group account values.

To find out more about what producers need to do and what they’ll get out of it, click on the carbon workshop or environmental footprint workshop link for more detail. A teleconference is planned for early 2021 to answer any questions.

By mid-January we will notify the successful groups and each successful participant. We will then set the group up to within our system and then introduce you and your team to the Contractor and you can commence planning for the workshop.

Prior to completing an EOI, please consider the time commitment, business information and participation requirements you will need for successful completion. If unsure, please contact the Landcare Farming Program Manager to discuss. Email:

Landcare Farming Program Expression of Interest

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