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Current Landcare Farming Projects

Sustainable land management involves using the land within its capability to ensure the productivity, economic potential and ecological function of the land is maintained or improved for future generations.

The Landcare Farming Program themes, principles and projects are designed to promote landscape literacy. Landscape literacy means you understand the land you manage, and work within its constraints to ensure your actions do not damage the ecosystem services that the landscape you manage provides.  

Landcare farming themes, principles and projects demonstrate and promote best management practices that provide economic, social and environmental outcomes for land managers, and the communities they live in.

If you have a project idea you would like to develop, visit the Design a Farming Project page to get started.

MLA Sustainable Farming

As part of their community focussed Australian Good Meat initiative, the organisation is funding the 2020 MLA Landcare Excellence in Sustainable Farming Grants as well as Junior Landcare Grants. These grants help to demonstrate MLA’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and to inspiring kids to learn where their food comes from.

Design or Align Your Own Landcare Farming Project

The Landcare Farming Program (LFP) is developing a national strategy that aligns our goals and objectives with leading industry research and best practice to demonstrate the key themes of the Commonwealth’s Agriculture Stewardship Package.

My Landcare Legacy

My Landcare Legacy will provide Australian Landcarers an opportunity to share simple snapshots sharing their passion and pride for their Landcare Legacy.

Our vision is to collect 250 home videos of Australian producers and land managers telling the community why they are passionate about being good stewards of their land – and their vison for our farming future.

Landcare Farming Benchmarking Project

Producers are training to measure the carbon footprint or natural capital of their business as the concepts are increasingly aligned to stakeholder investment and reporting needs. This project seeks to build producer awareness and on-farm participation, with the aim of move from proof of concept into common farm management practices.

Our partners and sponsors

Since its inception, Landcare Australia has worked with and supported groups and other stakeholders in the grass-roots Landcare community to undertake environmental and natural resource management projects. We are experienced in managing community and stakeholder consultation processes and working with local groups on projects.

We also proactively work with our federal and state government partners, community groups and more than 30 corporate and philanthropic partners to deliver impactful projects on the ground and share positive Landcare stories with the broader community.

Through our media relations and promotions activities, we reach millions of Australians a year.

Landcare Australia strongly values the crucial financial and in-kind contributions we receive through our corporate partnerships.

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