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Landcarer is a suite of online tools for the Landcare community to demonstrate the scale and range of the work we do. Our individual passion for Landcare and good stewardship is well entrenched in our long history of achievements. Aggregated together, our individual passion and experiences becomes a very powerful reminder of our successes, and provides a strong voice to industry and community.

Landcarer is an online community platform that can help you connect with other producers to solve issues, share ideas and experiences. You can set up your profile on the platform to suit your needs and align your learning, research and business tools with the latest research, discussions and upcoming project proposals.

The LFP will be using Landcarer as a national databank of on-ground activities, streamlining project management, growing likeminded discussion groups and stories, events, polls, chat, and discussion forums.



By providing a clear set of LFP principles, we will work together to share our progress against the LFP principles, and demonstrate our impact and ability. The aim is to attract and engage the next generation of Landcarers – and let the customers and consumers know we are working hard as good stewards of the land we manage.

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