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Landcarer – the online community platform to connect, collaborate and communicate

It is easy to get involved in Landcarer – a FREE online community platform designed for people with a shared vision to protect, enhance or restore the natural environment in their local community through sustainable land management and conservation activities.

Landcarer is an easy to use tool to help you share, learn, and interact with like-minded individuals, groups, organisations and project stakeholders who are involved in landcare and natural resource management activities. It’s the only online platform dedicated to promoting landcare.

Here is why you need to register and get involved!

Your benefits

Designed specifically for you - a landcarer

Content on the platform isn’t diluted. It’s a pure and helpful feed of landcare related information – from farming techniques to upcoming environmental grants. On Landcarer you won’t be bogged down by cat memes, rather, you will be immersed in the exchange of knowledge from landcarers across Australia!

Free tools to support your work

Landcarer includes a wide array of tools that can assist in your work as a project manager or organiser. The site has built-in project management tools that allow you to track and share the progress your group is making, manage your contacts, and coordinate with other organisations.

Your data works FOR YOU, it's not used to sell you things

On Landcarer, information you submit about your local group or community’s activities is used to help you. How? Through cumulative data compilation. When you submit information on your group’s activities we add that to our database of all the amazing activity landcarers are engaged in across Australia. Then, we look at the numbers. Landcarer helps us build a picture of how effective community volunteering truly is, and helps us prove the value you bring to Australia’s local environments.

Landcarer Map Record your data

Record your data

One of the most powerful features of Landcarer is the ability to record reportable results from your activities, in an easy and visually meaningful way.

Landcarer Community Groups

Communication tools

  • Join a special interest group like Landcare Farming, Bushfire Recovery, Coastcare, Junior Landcare
  • Start your own special interest group
  • Create a group for members involved in your organisation, network, “friends of” or other type of entity
Landcarer Community Groups

Project management tools

There is a range of tools and functionality that will help groups to communicate, coordinate and operate efficiently:

  • Membership Management Tool including fee processing
  • Repository for documents
  • Project Management


This section is where you see who is on Landcarer. You can search for people by location or interest, making it easy to connect with the people who share your passion.


The groups section is where you’ll find Landcare, Bushcare, Coastcare, Friends of groups, networks and other organisations. You can search for groups or set up your own, and bring your members together in one, secure, online space created just for you.


Our topics section is an area where people from different organisations can come together to discuss a shared interest. Whether it be emerging environmental technology or sustainable farming practices, join and share knowledge on the subject through topics!



You can set up your project on Landcarer, invite other people to be part of it, and keep documents, photos, videos, and updates in one place. With projects you can track your accomplishments.

Download the app

If you’d like to keep Landcarer in your pocket, you can download the Landcarer mobile app from either the Google Play Store or App Store.

Need more info?

If you have any pressing questions about what the platform could do for you, don’t hesitate to email us at contact us. To learn more about the platform, visit our support website.

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