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Landcare is all about community, about meaningful collaborations, and about sharing knowledge to tackle environmental issues. helps individuals and groups involved in caring for our land and water, to share and expand their knowledge, skills and resources through its tools for interacting and learning. It’s a purpose-built FREE online community platform tailor-made for Landcare.

There’s no better place for you to connect and exchange ideas, stories, resources and more.

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Your benefits

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Designed specifically for you

Content on the platform isn’t diluted. You’ll enjoy a pure and helpful feed of landcare related information – from farming techniques to upcoming environmental grants.

Thousands of people on Landcarer are contributing to and benefitting from the collective sharing of information, insights and resources about sustainable land management and protection of Australia’s water, soil, plants, animals and ecosystems.

On Landcarer you won’t be bogged down by cat memes, rather, you will be immersed in the exchange of knowledge from landcarers across Australia!

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Special interest Topics (aka Communities of Practice) like the Biodiversity Topic make it easy to find resources and conversations that are the most relevant to you.

Data categories on Landcarer

Your data works for you, it’s not used to sell you things

On Landcarer, information you post is used to help you. How? The content you and other users generate creates a broad range of valuable assets ranging from best practice, educational resources, experience & insights, thought provoking discussion on topical issues, showcasing of work, to celebrations of achievement.

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Free tools to support your work

Landcarer includes a wide array of tools that can assist in your work, such as document uploads, posting long form articles and/or short form posts, events, discussions and messaging, quizzes, polls, and more.

Landcarer Map Record your data

Record your data

One of the most powerful features of Landcarer is the ability to record reportable results from your activities, in an easy and visually meaningful way.

Landcarer Community Groups

Create your own group or project

Many volunteer landcare groups are already seeing the value that Landcarer brings to those who are dealing with limited administrative resources and capacity through the use of Landcarer’s Group functionality – a mini intranet for a group’s members. Groups are supported with tools such as Membership Management including fee processing, contact management, eLearning, document repository and publishing tools.

Collaboration and project management are stimulated through Landcarer’s Project functionality and engagement tools such as Connecting, Discussions, Messaging and publishing.

Landcarer – the online community platform to expand your knowledge, skills, and resources

Need more info?

If you have any pressing questions about what the platform could do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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