For more than 30 years, Landcare Australia has supported the outstanding work of the thousands of Landcare and other community groups across the country, along with Landcare facilitators, members, farmers, landholders and other volunteers.

The environmental benefits of Landcare groups’ activities are often quantified and promoted. However, we all know that grass-roots Landcare groups provide deeper benefits for their communities and contribute to Australia’s identity.

Together, we can assess and communicate those benefits to a wider range of stakeholders, ensuring that the real value of Landcare is recognised and receives the additional support we know is strongly justified.

As part of this, Landcare Australia has partnered with KPMG to better understand the nature and extent of the benefits experienced by the people involved in Landcare groups or engaged in Landcare activities.

We would really appreciate understanding the benefits of your experience with Landcare. Please complete this short survey, which should take only 10-15 minutes.

The results from this study will be made publically available. Your insights will strengthen the value of the work and help all involved in the volunteer Landcare movement to generate a stronger case for funding support into the future for all.

Who should fill in this survey?

This survey is for people that are involved with a local Landcare or community environmental group, and we are keen to hear from facilitators, members and other volunteers across Australia. We are seeking insights from Landcare Groups and Networks, Bushcare Groups, ‘Friends of’ Groups, Coastcare Groups and other environmental community groups. Your survey responses and the insights you provide will help us to develop a picture of how Landcare contributes to the wellbeing of communities and individuals. There are no wrong answers, as we are keen to understand how different people benefit from their involvement with Landcare in different ways.

Should you have any questions about this survey, please feel free to contact Melissa Higgins from Landcare Australia via email at The survey will remain open for two weeks, closing at 11.59pm AEST Tuesday 26 May, 2020.

How will the information I supply be used?

The information collected through the survey will be combined with other evidence to develop a report on the findings of the research.

Respondents that complete the survey will not be asked for their name, therefore neither Landcare Australia nor KPMG will receive any respondent’s names, and only anonymised aggregated data will be provided to KPMG.

Privacy Statement

Landcare Australia is the administrator of this survey and will pass on the anonymised aggregated data to KPMG for analysis. The information you provide will be handled in accordance with Landcare Australia’s Privacy Policy, which can be viewed here.

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