Lion Orchard Pride Landcare Grants 2019

In 2018, as part of its efforts to create long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with its direct suppliers, in addition to providing grants to its dairy farmers, Lion Dairy & Drinks (Lion) launched the Lion Orchard Pride Landcare Grants program.

Again in 2019, contracted Lion orange growers or orchards (under the Lion Citrus Supply Agreement) were invited to apply for one of two grants of up to $10,000 each for projects that improve the sustainability, productivity and profitability of their orchards.

The two recipients of the 2019 Lion Orchard Pride Grants are located in New South Wales.  Their projects are:

MV & RM Vecchie-Leeton, NSW

Project Name: Soil conditioning

The Vecchie’s have a 24-hectare orange orchard on drip irrigation.  They will be purchasing equipment to spread manure/compost to help condition the soil as it is low in organic matter. The goal is to increase microorganisms and increase water efficiency of the soil which in return will reduce water use. Correcting these issues will allow them to save water and maximise the uptake of fertilisers by the trees which in return will increase yield and productivity.

Riverbest Produce- Tharbogang, NSW

Project Name: Improving water use efficiency through improved water management systems

Because this orchard is situated on a southerly slope and has a range of irrigation systems, irrigation management has always been a balancing act. This project will install remote soil moisture monitoring sensors in the orchard to give precise and real time access to soil moisture conditions to make more informed decisions on irrigation scheduling. This access to data will allow the grower to improve the productivity and sustainability of my orchard by improving water use efficiency and limiting stress on the orchard, so in turn it will produce more fruit with less water. Increasing production, reducing energy and minimising water run-off will also improve our sustainability, allowing water to be used in its most precise way.

Click here for information about the 2019 Lion Dairy Pride Landcare Grant recipients.

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