Landcare Logo FAQs

1. Who can use the generic Landcare logo?

Only the Federal Government, per contractual agreement.

2. Who can use the Landcare Australia logo?

Landcare Australia Limited, corporate partners by contractual agreement, Groups who specifically acknowledge Landcare Australia Limited for funding provided for a project.

3. Who can use state specific Landcare logos? (Eg Landcare Victoria, Landcare Tasmania etc)

State Governments by contractual agreement.

4. Who can request a Landcare Group logo?

Any active community Landcare Group. Groups need to first register on the National Landcare Directory before a logo can be issued. The group name on the logo needs to match their National Landcare Directory registration.

5. Who can issue Landcare Group logos?

Only Landcare Australia Limtied. These are logged in a spreadsheet with information about who they are sent to.

6. Do groups need to pay for a Landcare Group logo?

No, this is issued by Landcare Australia Limited free of charge as a community service.

7. Who can alter the Landcare Group logos?

No one, not even Landcare Australia Limited. They need to remain as issued, within subsidiary logo guidelines to protect the brand identity.

8. Can groups change the colour of the Landcare Group logo?

No, the logo is only to be used as issued.

9. Who can place things (Eg. animals, words, symbols) within the caring hands?

No one, not even Landcare Australia Limited. They need to remain as issued, within subsidiary logo guidelines to protect the brand identity.

10. Can the caring hands be used on their own?

No, they are part of the Landcare Australia brand and are trademarked and can only be used as logo’s issued by Landcare Australia Limited, and in the ways specified in the brand guidelines.

11. Can groups use the old Landcare logo?

No. Groups need to phase out the old logo. If any stationery or vests or signs are printed after January 2010, they need to be using the new logo. Groups are not expected to replace existing signage and equipment and waste old materials, but they expected to phase them out. There is an exception to online and softcopy document use – All old logos are to be replaced with new logos. Groups are to seek Landcare Australia Limited’s help if they are technically inadequate.

12. What happens if a group misuses the Landcare logo?

If a group is found to be misusing the Landcare logo in any way, or not per the logo guidelines, they will be asked to rectify this effective immediately.

13. Can businesses use the Landcare Group logo?

No, this is only for active community Landcare groups. If a business is found to be using a group logo illegitimately they will be removed from the NLD and denied permission to use the group logo altogether.

14. How can a business get a Landcare logo to use to promote Landcare or their support for Landcare?

In order for businesses to use a Landcare logo, they need to become a corporate partner with Landcare Australia where they will be allowed certain logos by contractual agreement. A fee applies.

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