Landcare is not just about planting trees and pulling weeds. It’s about people coming together, like Brett and his volunteers, wanting to make a positive difference and taking direct action to save the habitat of the endangered cassowary, which is so important to North Queensland.

We need extraordinary supporters like you to help us take direct action with a gift of $30, or anything you can afford, to ensure we can continue to support groups like Brett’s across Australia.

“Cassowaries are an endangered species. The small population that remains is struggling to survive. Fragmentation of their habitat, vehicle strikes, and roaming dogs are killing the cassowary at alarming rates.

We decided to start our Landcare group to take direct action. We want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. It’s not hard to make a positive difference.”

Brett Krause

Landcare Volunteer, BrettaCorp

“We decided to create our own Landcare group, as we felt there was a void in the area. I’ve lived in the North Queensland region for six years, and you can see that the disintegration of the natural environment in the last 20 years is shocking. I asked myself why isn’t anyone doing anything?”

Brett Krause

Brett is passionate about everything that is Landcare and works each day to make a positive difference to the environment in his local area. He cares deeply about protecting the habitat of our Aussie species, especially the vulnerable cassowary. In addition to their contribution to tourism, cassowaries are a keystone species in the Wet Tropics and are also very significant to many Indigenous groups throughout North Queensland.

Cassowaries play an important role in the rainforest system, with up to 100 plant species relying solely on the cassowary to distribute their seeds and ensure their own survival.

Currently, it is estimated that there are less than 2,200 individuals in populations near Mission Beach, Cooktown, and Cape York around the Daintree Rainforest.

“We want to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem. We want to try and give something back, as our earth is degrading day by day. It’s not too hard to make a positive difference. I believe if we all do something, there will be a big change.”

Brett Krause

What would happen if they disappeared?

Brett explains, “Without the cassowary, there will be no rainforest. The rainforest will stop expanding. The fruit will only fall near the tree and not expand. The cassowary can travel up to ten kilometres and poo it out. There is no other animal capable of spreading the seeds around; this vital job will stop overnight. But the impact is even greater than that. Other animals will begin to disappear, such as frogs, birds, owls, lizards, butterflies, and even quolls. And in 10 years, the list will have grown exponentially.”

Australia has one of the highest extinction rates in the world.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Landcare groups and volunteers like Brett are passionate and working hard to make a difference.

They cannot do this alone. They need your help to make it happen.

There is still so much work to be done, especially now with so many new species being listed as vulnerable or endangered.

Your gift of $30, or anything you can afford, will not only impact one volunteer, but tens of thousands of Aussies, not to mention our environment.

The work that Brett and his volunteers do also have a bigger impact on the world famous Great Barrier Reef.

“Our intention is to plant 20,000 trees along the creeks and rivers. This will have a positive impact on water quality, filtration, and sedimentation that flows into the reef. We are trying to lead by example. We have seen in the past when you drive after a flood event, creeks that were crystal clear are now running red mud. This doesn’t look right, and it goes into the Great Barrier Reef.”

“Cassowaries face a number of threats to their survival. Sadly, these are all related to human activity. These threats include loss of habitat due to land clearing for farming, development or logging, which are the main threats to the cassowary’s’ survival, as this has isolated their habitat. Feral cats, dogs and pigs are the second biggest cause of the cassowary deaths, followed by vehicle strikes.

Cassowaries need a large area of rainforest in order to survive. We must protect existing habitats and reduce the number of deaths related to dogs and pigs. My Landcare group is establishing cassowary habitats, to restore the rainforest on cleared land, and create corridors to link remaining patches of vegetation.”

Brett Krause

As you can see, Landcare is not just planting trees and pulling weeds. It has a much bigger impact than that.

A gift of $30 or anything you can afford will go such a long way.

Your gift is more than just a donation to Landcare Australia.

Together we will be making a positive difference.

Together, we will be making a big difference.

No matter how much you can support us, all of it makes a difference in ultimately achieving our goal of restoring habitats for vulnerable animals, and helping our passionate volunteers.

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