2021 National Landcare Conference now scheduled for August 4-6, 2021

The National Landcare Conference Steering Committee have been monitoring the ongoing global pandemic and the situation in Victoria and NSW, and the impact it may have on the proposed 2021 National Landcare Conference scheduled for March. With the current health and government regulations, the venue has advised that an event in March could host up to 185 people.

The National Landcare Conference Steering Committee (members are made up of representatives of the Australian Government, the National Landcare Network, Landcare NSW, LLS and Landcare Australia) have agreed to postpone the 2021 National Landcare Conference date to mid-2021 to ensure that we can provide individuals, organisations and groups involved in Landcare, the best possible opportunity to attend the event in person.

The new conference date will be held during 2021 Landcare Week – Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 August, 2021 at the International Convention Centre Sydney.

As you are aware, the nature of Landcare are the connections made and shared learning experience, the National Landcare Conference events are ‘people conferences’. We have multiple events planned as part of the conference including the National Landcare Awards Gala Dinner and the National Landcare Youth Summit. A full day Field Trip program will shine a light on the diversity of Landcare projects in Sydney and the surrounding areas, including the impact on the environment, sustainable agriculture activities and local communities.

We received 162 outstanding abstracts. In the lead up to the conference in August, we will host monthly conference webinars to showcase and promote the organisations and individuals who have submitted an abstract.

The campaign dates 2020:

  • September – Launch the National Landcare Conference webinar series
  • November – Launch the 2021 National Landcare Conference program
  • February 2021 – Early Bird tickets go on sale (the Committee will review the date subject to COVID-1

The campaign dates 2021:

  • March/April 2021 – Launch 2021 State & Territory Landcare Awards campaign (nominees go forward to the 2022 National Landcare Awards)
  • Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 August – National Landcare Conference
  • Thursday 5 – National Landcare Awards Gala Dinner.

The 2021 State and Territory Landcare Awards will be launched early 2021 as planned, the change in conference date should have no impact on the next campaign cycle for the Landcare Awards or the National Landcare Conference in 2022.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact digital@landcareaustralia.com.au

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