This year’s National Landcare Conference wasn’t to be, but we didn’t want to wait until August 2021 to tap into the expertise of the Landcare community!

To whet your appetite, we’re teaming up with some fantastic Landcarers from around the country for the National Landcare Conference webinar series.

With so many great Landcare people and projects to promote, the webinars will provide volunteers, groups and facilitators an opportunity to learn and share ideas with their community. 

As more sessions are confirmed, we’ll update this page with details. Once you’ve registered below, you’ll receive an email reminder about each session.

The National Landcare Conference Webinar series will be hosted on online community platform, Landcarer. You can register for Landcarer by visiting, however you can still access the webinars without registering.


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The Landcare Youth Summit webinar | Thursday, 3 December at 4pm (AEDT)

There is a lot of noise in the media and society today about the environment and adapting to a changing climate. Children are activists’ online and on the streets at protest marches, but what else can young people do to make a difference? How can landcare groups support young people get involved in taking action for the environment with Landcare?

Going outdoors into the natural environment also has benefits on your mental and physical wellbeing, following the impacts of Covid, being connected to the natural environment is important now more than ever. So if every young person in Australia got their hands dirty in their local community, it would have an impact at a national and global scale.

The Landcare Youth Summit Webinar provides everyone an opportunity hear from two speakers Adelaide teens Skye Dunn, 16 and Mitchell Livington, 17 – members of South Australia’s YACCA (Youth & Community in Conservation Action) about the insights from speakers and students at the Landcare Youth Summit to be held  on December 1. The webinar will be hosted by Landcare Ambassador Sophie Taylor-Price and we will include a discussion on we can arm the next generation with the knowledge, tools and ideas to preserve this unique landscape by taking action with Landcare.

Register for this webinar here.

Interventions to Improve Soil Health in Australia | Thursday, 10 December at 12.30pm (AEDT)

In Five interventions to improve soil health, we’ll hear from Sue Bestow  on five interventions that have the potential to improve soil health at a meaningful scale. Joined by Landcare Farming Program Manager, Mick Taylor, Sue will explain how coordinated, collective action, and the support of committed partners can result in productivity, environmental and social benefits which will accumulate for future generations.

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In case you missed out on any of our past webinars, you can access the recordings below.

Landcare as a business – a strategic approach

Presented by Kylie Durant and Phillip Moran. 

This webinar discussed approaching Landcare as a business, with tips on how to focus on group priorities, source funding, demonstrate investment, and engage volunteers.

Get involved in the Landcare Farming Program

Presented by Mick Taylor.

Mick, Landcare Farming Program Manager, talked about how you can get involved and provide input in the Landcare Farming program, and its initiatives.

Recruiting and engaging volunteers

Presented by Kim Boswell.

Kim discussed her step-by-step guide to attracting volunteers, which has been used to recruit thousands of Landcare volunteers in Victoria.

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