Five ways to keep your employees engaged

An engaged employee is a gold star on your company report card.  They are a brand ambassador, a trusted team player, and the type of person who will go the extra mile.  Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? So how do companies build and retain an engaged workforce?  Read our five top tips below to help you along the road to improved employee engagement!

Provide opportunities

Reward the people keeping your business going by offering opportunities for them to develop – not just as employees, but as individuals. This will only benefit your business and help your workforce feel valued. If your budget doesn’t stretch to expensive training courses, can you consider in-house mentoring? Maybe you could offer an opportunity by sponsoring a workplace team to take part in a fundraising event, like City to Surf or a local cycle race? The opportunity may be something small, but its return may be much bigger.


Value your values

Your company’s values shouldn’t be a list of forgotten bullet points on a hidden page on your website.  Your values should dictate your organisational culture. Each potential employee should be able to demonstrate these values and existing employees should live and breathe them.   Values should be long-term so make sure that you refer back to them when making business decisions.  Remind your people what your values are and inspire them to take them on board. Champion people who embody your values well and ensure every product and service you create reflects them.


Give back

Employees who get involved in a Workplace Giving program take fewer sick days, and are more productive and engaged in their organisation.  Why not set up a program for employees to donate to a number of charities and match each dollar donated?  $100,000 was given to 60 community projects in 2016 thanks to Landcare Australia’s Workplace Giving partners.  Volunteering days are also a great way of making a difference where it is most needed while offering a rewarding experience to your team.  Landcare Australia hosted over 25 companies last year as they provided much needed extra hands for local Landcare groups across the country and a rewarding, hands-on experience for the over 1,500 volunteers involved. Nicky Scheltus, Senior Advisor – Volunteering, at Telstra has seen great results, indicating that “we found that staff who participated in corporate volunteering had higher levels of engagement, were less likely to take sick days and had a higher retention rates than whose who didn’t.”


Celebrate the wins

Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm!  When people work hard and get results, it’s easy to see it as simply doing the job they’re paid to do, however that attitude never inspired anyone to go the extra mile.  Everybody loves when their best efforts are recognised.  Acknowledging and celebrating when people do well can be a simple thing to do, but can make someone feel valued, and that makes for a happy and engaged employee.  Include your wins in the internal newsletter or intranet.  Commend someone’s work with a thank you card or a gift card. Give a shout out at a team meeting. If you’re a manager, try and say thank you to someone at least once a day. Sometimes it only takes a few kind words to put a smile on someone’s face and a pep in their step!


Communicate. Communicate. Communicate

Nobody likes to think they’re being kept in the dark.  If your employees feel informed about what’s happening in the organisation, they genuinely feel like they’re part of a team.  Consider setting up an internal newsletter to keep people up to date with what’s happening in other parts of the company. Ask for contributions from the workforce and share the positive stories across all departments and all levels. It’s also a great way of communicating good business news or sharing non-work related opportunities and initiatives.

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