ISPT is committed to creating growth for people and places through property.  For over 25 years their properties have been meaningful places for the retailers, companies, government departments and communities that use them.

ISPT generates returns for their Investors, which are some of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds, and ultimately the 50%+ of working Australians who have their retirement savings invested in property through them.  ISPT’s $19 billion portfolio invests in and develops commercial, retail, logistics, warehousing and residential property in Australia.

In 2020, ISPT entered into a ground-breaking partnership with Landcare Australia as a key part of their commitment to carbon neutrality.

ISPT has achieved carbon neutral certification, and in an industry first, has procured 100% Australian Carbon Credit Offset Units (ACCUs) with a focus on programs connected to Indigenous communities. The certification is for the base building operations of ISPT’s owned and operated properties and their corporate offices.

The milestone is the result of ISPT’s commitment to act ethically and responsibly, believing that social and environmental initiatives create long-term investment value for its investors, customers, communities and teams. ISPT has taken immediate action on climate change – instead of setting longer-term net zero targets. It also builds on a 15-year commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) excellence.

In 2020, ISPT has offset its baseline emissions (73,615 tonnes of CO2-e), which include the base building energy for 91 ISPT owned and operated properties – where ISPT has full operational control – and corporate offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

In Australia’s largest local offsetting project, ISPT has invested in seven community-based projects designed to build a better and more sustainable future. The projects have a dual benefit of protecting and regenerating native land to restore habitats for plants and animals, while also driving positive economic outcomes for Indigenous owned-businesses and communities.

ISPT has partnered with Landcare Australia on a carbon conservation land bank. A trusted community partner with experience in land regeneration for long term carbon sequestration, Landcare Australia will investigate land for ISPT to purchase and generate ACCUs.

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