Established in 1986, Sure Gro Tree Max Australia provides quality products for Land Management, Soil Erosion Control, Revegetation, Landscaping, Civil, Agriculture and Nursery industries nationwide. For over 30 years, Sure Gro Tree Max has worked closely with Landcare, Coastcare and Bushcare groups throughout Australia.

To formally recognise the loyalty these groups have shown their business and the importance of the work they do, in 2018, Sure Gro Tree Max partnered with Landcare Australia to inaugurate the Sure Gro Tree Max Landcare Grant Program.

This grant program is funded through a cause-related marketing initiative, with Sure Gro Tree Max donating 5% (GST exclusive) to Landcare Australia from all orders it receives from Landcare, Bushcare and Coastcare groups that are listed in the National Landcare Directory.

The East Gippsland Landcare Network (EGLN) was the recipient of the inaugural $5,000 Sure Gro Tree Max Landcare Grant.  Their project, ‘Beating Back the Browsers’ was aptly named as it resulted in protecting nine Landcare revegetation sites in East Gippsland from browsing pressure by animals, particularly Sambar Deer. Read more about the outcomes of this project.

In 2020, Landcare Broken Hill received the second Sure Gro Tree Max Landcare Grant for their project to revitalise the Conservation Gardens in the town centre. Outcomes will be reported in 2021.

To find out how to ensure the 5% donation on your Landcare, Coastcare or Bushcare Group’s orders with SGTMA goes to Landcare Australia, CLICK HERE

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