Telstra has been a proud partner of Landcare Australia since 2012, assisting employees across the country to volunteer with Landcare groups through Landcare Australia’s Corporate Environmental Volunteering program. Each year, Telstra sends over 1,000 employees to help local Landcare and Coastcare groups with a range of conservation activities including planting, weeding, mulching, seed propagation and rubbish collection. Telstra is also a Workplace Giving partner of Landcare Australia, matching employee donations dollar for dollar. These Workplace Giving donations provide a regular source of funding that allows Landcare Australia to deliver vital environmental programs and support to Landcare groups, including schools and communities.

The Telstra Landcare Australia Partnership

From Tassie’s Bellerive Bluff to McMinns Lagoon in the Northern Territory, Telstra team volunteers have cleared, dug, seeded and watered the vast diversity of this nation’s landscapes.

In fact, since forging a partnership with Landcare Australia four years ago, more than 3,000 Telstra employees have spent a day volunteering with Landcare communities.

This makes Telstra Landcare Australia’s largest corporate volunteering partner with more than 22,000 hours donated to vital environmental projects.

However, the numbers only tell a small part of this evolving story.

Telstra team members have connected with their surrounding landscapes and with each other through their volunteering experiences – which is why the program has been the most popular of all corporate volunteering opportunities at Telstra.

This impressive commitment of Telstra’s manpower has become a significant part of the landscape of several Landcare sites.

Westgate Park on Melbourne’s fringe is one of these environments the celebrated Landcare project in Port Melbourne has seen an inner city wasteland develop into an urban biodiversity bushland setting for local Indigenous plants and animals.

Telstra volunteers joined the Friends of Westgate Park Landcare Group in helping to transform swarms of this 40 hectare landscape into something that can be explored by all.

The Telstra story is now part of the Westgate Park story, as the efforts of groups of volunteers over the past four years grows and develops across the landscape’s 10 distinct planting groups and around the fresh and saltwater lakes and lagoons.

This June, the Telstra and Landcare Australia partnership took a new step.

As part of Telstra’s six-week Common Ground program, which connects National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week to strengthen Telstra’s commitment to Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – a unique Indigenous element has been added to seven different Landcare volunteering opportunities across Australia.

Landcare Australia invited Indigenous Landcarers to educate Telstra volunteers about cultural heritage, site significance, native plants – including their history and traditional uses – and how they are preserving their community and culture through Landcare work.

Wally Bell, a Ngunawal Elder and founding coordinator of the Mulanggang Traditional Aboriginal Landcare Group led the Common Ground volunteer day for Telstra volunteers at the Ginninderra Catchment at Gubur Dhaura in Franklin, ACT.

A finalist in the 2016 National Landcare Conference awards in recognition for his work and long term dedication to looking after his traditional country, Wally shared his knowledge and connection with the land.

This element of the day added new insight into the land the team was helping to revegetate through planting native species.

Landcare Australia’s Corporate Environmental Volunteering Program is looking forward to the continued growth and depth of its meaningful partnership with Telstra.

Landcare Australia would like to thank Telstra for its commitment to a sustainable future.

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications company and is a proud partner of Landcare Australia.

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