Cawdor Public School gets hands on with nature

06 November 2017 – Cawdor Public School students are getting hands on with nature after they were awarded $5,000 from the South32 Junior Landcare Grants program to go towards a habitat restoration project.

The funding has assisted with the school’s project to enhance and restore the native area that runs along the front fence of the school adjacent to Cawdor Road, and other areas on the property, totalling 64m by 8m. The work includes weeding the area, making a mulch pathway, and improving local biodiversity by replanting local native flora and indigenous bush tucker plants and trees, to make a nature trail.

The nature trail will be used by all students as an outdoor learning area for environmental activities, with teaching programs aimed at developing ecological sustainable learning, crucial for students now and into the future. Students will have the opportunity to engage with the aboriginal community who will impart knowledge about traditional food sources and their other uses.

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