Funding boost for farmers doing it tough

Farmers in financial stress don’t need to tough it out – the Australian Government can help through the Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS).

The RFCS assists 4,500 farmers on average a year, offering personalised agri-business expertise to deal with hardship. The RFCS helps clients identify options and maximise the value of their assets.

This is a confidential, independent, mobile service with no cost to the client.

With 12 service providers across Australia, the RFCS employs rural financial counsellors who help famers make the right decision for their business in times of changing markets, unpredictable climate and regulatory changes.

This includes identifying business options, negotiating with lenders, disaster recovery, building financial capacity, business transition and access to the Farm Household Allowance.

Rural financial counsellors also provide referrals to professionals for succession planning, family mediation and personal, emotional and social counselling.

For more information on the RFCS visit or call 1800 686 175.

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