Working towards productive farms and communities

By Duncan Rowland, CEO of Livestock Biosecurity Network

Farms and farmers play a big role in regional and rural areas, providing food for the nation and employment in their communities. Farmers also act as custodians of the land, ensuring its sustainable use for future generations.

Land management is a large factor in the success of agriculture as an industry. Best practice farm management strategies safeguard biosecurity, protect animal health and welfare, and provide a high degree of confidence that the food produced is safe to eat.

Livestock Biosecurity Network is focused on improving animal health, welfare, biosecurity and food safety across Australia’s
livestock industries.

These strategies also ensure that land and water remain free of chemical contamination, native species are protected from introduced threats, and that the communities who live and rely on the land remain strong and viable.

Livestock Biosecurity Network (LBN) is an independent industry initiative focused on improving animal health, welfare, biosecurity and food safety across Australia’s livestock industries. Livestock producers have a traditional role in Australia in the surveillance, detection and reporting of diseases and harmful pests, including the spread of feral animals, noxious weeds or other plants in their regions.

LBN Biosecurity & Extension Managers are located throughout Australia, working closely with existing farming networks to promote greater awareness of biosecurity, health and food safety risks, as well as emergency disease preparation and responsible farm management. We improve outcomes on-farm by developing educational material and delivering training for use on-farm and throughout the supply chain, as well as working one-on-one or in group settings with producers to develop management plans for their properties.

In doing so, we ensure that Australian agriculture and the land on which it depends remains strong, profitable and sustainable, in the understanding that healthy livestock and productive farms create strong communities and safeguard the future of the industry.

Livestock producers and farming organisations are invited to contact our Biosecurity & Extension Managers. LBN is actively encouraging industry-wide networks to participate in establishing biosecurity and farm management programs for livestock producers. Find out more about the LBN managers here:

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