Tens of thousands of Aussies give their time, hard work and heart by creating positive outcomes for our environment through the Landcare movement.

Today, we need your support to help us fund projects led by people like Estelle who are trying to save the future of our vulnerable koalas in the Port Macquarie region.

Meet Estelle.

She has been working as a volunteer with the Port Macquarie Landcare Group for over 17 years.

Estelle lives and breathes Landcare. She is just one of the tens of thousands of passionate and dedicated people in our community wanting to make a difference for our environment, especially habitat restoration.

Estelle’s community group has over 180 volunteers who come together for passionate working bees, contributing a massive 18,000 hours of volunteer work per year. The group’s current focus is to create habitats for koalas in the Port Macquarie area.

“The loss of habitat is a key threat to koalas in the local area. Koalas rely on moisture on the eucalypt leaves they eat, preferring better quality eucalypt forests on fertile soils close to water sources. Past clearing for farms lead to tree removal, fragmentation of bushland remnants, and loss of connectivity, but now urban growth is the cause. Koalas are now more likely to become unhealthy or die from chlamydia, dog attacks, or motor vehicles.”

Estelle Gough

Project Manager, Port Macquarie Landcare Group Inc

More than 82 koala deaths are recorded annually east of the Pacific Highway from road strike, dog attacks and disease. Additional unrecorded deaths increase the high mortality rate, while natural replacement is insufficient. The population is unsustainable: koalas may become locally extinct within 30 years.

Without these volunteers like Estelle, the consequences would be devastating.

“These koalas would starve to death,” Estelle explained. “Thanks to urban growth, the koalas don’t have enough trees to survive, so their numbers have been declining in the area. We need to act now, as it takes over four years for these trees to grow, and our koalas cannot wait that long to eat. They are starving. If our volunteers can restore the ecosystems, the koalas will be taken care of.”

Thanks to these passionate working bees, the volunteers are working on a project that will restore habitat across 5.4 hectares of riparian bushland, closing the gaps in critical green corridors and helping koalas live and move safely in suburbia.

This is the foundation of Landcare.

Landcare is a grassroots movement of passionate and dedicated community members getting together with one common goal: creating positive outcomes for our environment. In Estelle’s case, to save an Aussie icon, the vulnerable koala.

We need your help to support our Landcare community throughout Australia.

There are over 5,400 groups that are planting trees, tackling invasive weeds, restoring habitats for endangered species, and even regenerating dunes on our expansive coastline.

But they’re doing even more than that.

These groups are creating positive outcomes for our environment – which is the ultimate goal.

But more importantly, they are bringing communities and individuals together.

Landcare groups brings tens of thousands of Aussies together, who give their valuable time, energy and heart to achieve the positive outcomes many of us take for granted.

They are the passionate and dedicated individuals who work hard together so that iconic Aussie species, like the vulnerable koala, have a future.

There is so much they can do. They have the manpower, passion, and dedication to start a project, but not always the funds.

Today, we need your help to change that

Please consider a donation today. Your gift will make such a difference; every dollar counts.

Meet some of our Landcare Leaders making a difference

Landcare groups are located all over Australia. Meet four active community members giving their time, hard work, and energy in creating positive outcomes for our environment. They are the heart and soul of the Landcare movement. Here, they share their stories.

Meet Brett Krause

from Brettacorp Community Group, Murrigal, Queensland


“Since 2015, we have planted over 7,500 native trees and have 18 active unpaid members. Our volunteers find it very rewarding and generate more output than paid workers. They satisfy their challenges, and it’s good for the soul. The positive outcomes for the environment created by our volunteers is habitat creation in general, and habitat restoration for endangered and threatened species like the southern cassowary and mahogany glider. We all know that one tree matters, and it can make a huge impact on the surrounding ecosystem.”

Meet Karen Ziegler

from Friends of Bass Strait Islands, Lower Longley, Tasmania


“Our group of dedicated volunteers love and value the Bass Strait Islands. Our group has a sense of community, working as a team for the common goal of habitat restoration, and the desire to pass on a healthy environment to future generations. Our volunteers get the opportunity to have their lives simplified for a little while, with lots of conversation, laughter, exercise and good food. But what is really great is to be rewarded by seeing the results of years of work.”

Meet Lisa Harrold

from Mulgoa Valley Landcare Group, New South Wales


“There is a constant barrage of news about how humanity is negatively impacting our natural world. The difference I can make is to get involved in hands-on projects that are restoring habitats in my local area, and in doing so I’ve met so many wonderful people who are also involved in caring for our environment. It’s so good to share a passion!”

Meet Heather Chester

from Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park, Darch, Western Australia


“I love the feeling of being part of a group which strives to help the environment, and feeling proud that my achievements positively contribute to society, instead of being a naysayer. If we did nothing, Regional Park would deteriorate and all natural areas would be lost forever.”

It’s people like Brett, Karen, Lisa and Heather giving their time, hard work, and heart that are creating positive outcomes for our environment.

But they cannot do this alone. We need your help.

A gift of anything you can afford, even $10, will ensure we can continue to support our Landcare communities.

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