Welcome! Rescue is a partnership between Landcare Australia and UNSW and forms part of a research project into the power of citizen storytelling in environmental communication.

Feel free to have a look around but also keep your ears peeled for audio – we’ve now created The Rescue Project as listening experience – all the stories that have been ‘featured’ on the top line can be heard read aloud by their authors, in a very special soundscape. 

Plus you can visit the Atherton Tablelands with our special feature length documentary – pop on some headphones and be transported to the magical World Heritage wet tropics of Far North Queensland, Australia. 

And we’d still love to hear from you!

Have you ever rescued a riverbank? A tract of bush, an eroded beach, a waterway, some farmland, a garden or a native tree? A native animal or bird?

What do you feel as you tend to tired earth, or engage with the intrinsic value of an old-growth giant, or as you look into that creature’s eyes?

And, in some way, do these things rescue you?

In the act of environmental rescue we nurture a tree through drought, we restore a place, or we restore a native animal, to health. But this is not a one-way encounter. In rescuing we too receive something in return. In the act of giving back, there is a quiet emotion we might feel that nourishes ourselves, and sometimes whole communities.

Write 500 words on your experience of the theme of rescue and upload it to our website.

We’ve removed any deadline so the project can continue indefinitely, but if you post soon you have a chance to be chosen for the podcast – see below.

This is Rescue. What’s your story?

Participate in the Rescue project

What happens next?

Once you contribute your work, it will be moderated and then posted online. Feel free to share it widely with anyone who might be interested in taking part. This project aims to become a little community and an online ‘event’ and the more you engage, the more you’ll get out of it. So do visit the writing of others. Comment, ask questions, or start a conversation – show your interest! Surprising connections can happen, friendships can develop and things can be learned – so don’t be shy.


At the end of the project our executive producer, award-winning ex-ABC documentary maker Gretchen Miller, will select about 10 stories across a range of themes, and influenced by how much engagement there is with the stories – particularly comments! Then she’ll work with the writers to record their stories being read for a Landcare Australia ‘first’ – a podcast series reflecting your rescue experiences, available for anyone to hear.