I have been giving to AWC for over a decade now, but last January I upped my donation to 1% of my income. I think we all should do this for Land conservancies here and abroad as a healthy ecosystems are beautiful in their own right, and vital in mitigating climate variations.

In December I had a choking incident late one night at my sisters when everyone else had gone to bed. I obviously survived, but realised the total selfishness of my lifestyle-and the meaninglessness of individual existence. In 200 years, no one will remember you, that sort of thing. I decided to start an ecological funding group to encourage people to donate to land conservancies such as AWC , Bush Heritage Australia, The Nature Conservancy, Panthera, the Orang-utan Foundation and so on. So far we have raised over $1000 dollars, which is about 4x what I was giving last year, and 12 times more that I was giving prior to that. The group is growing quickly and relies on income donations, or container returns via return and earn. Early days yet!

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