Had a bit of a Plover drama this morning. A Plover decided to take up residence on the lawn beside my driveway last night with her tiny chicks (they truly are strange creatures – how they have managed to survive given their odd nesting choices right out in the open always amazes me). So this morning she was screaming at me but I couldn’t see the chicks… found them lying just in front of the back wheel of my car (nice handy safe spot!), looking quite dead. So I sympathised with her screaming and trying to attack me as I searched for the one I thought I saw run under there. Couldn’t find it and when I went to move the dead chicks they were still warm… (neighbour said there was only two, so that was them all accounted for). So I got a cosy flannelette sheet and gently placed them in a box and they started to cheep… and with the Mum screaming at me and the Dad screaming from the roof, we took the chicks (warm in the box) out to a grassy area near the creek under a tree. It took a little while for them to stop focusing on screaming at me and find the chicks, but last I saw Mum had them under wing again and Dad waited till I drove off to assure himself they were no longer under the car and hopefully will join her. I guess grassy fields were a more sensible choice in the past and perhaps didn’t require quite so much screaming. Very stressed out little birdies.

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