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We are really looking forward to your story about habitat and animal rescue! But first, as this is also a university research project we require you to read the following and agree before you can participate


  1. What is the research study about?

The Rescue project is part of a UNSW PhD research study which looks at why as individuals and community groups we continue to enact small acts of rescue of animals and landscapes in the face of a global environmental crisis. It also asks what role citizen storytelling across online media can play in motivating with an environmentally concerned public.

To research this a public digital story telling space has been built in partnership with Landcare Australia, where its volunteer body – can contribute their personal story of rescuing an animal, saving a tree, restoring a patch of bush, beach, farm, riverbank etc. Some of the stories submitted will also become part of a podcast available to the public.

The study is being carried out by the following researchers: Gretchen Miller (student investigator) and Judy Motion (principal investigator) in the School of Humanities and Languages at UNSW. The research is supported by Landcare Australia.


  1. Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

Before you decide to participate in this research study, we need to ensure that it is ok for you to take part. The research study is looking recruit people who meet the following criteria:

Australian citizens and people who live in Australia. Adults over the age of 18.


  1. Do I have to take part in this research study?

Participation in any research study is voluntary. If you decide you want to take part in the research study, you will be asked to fill in the details below and upload your story.


  1. What does participation in this research require, and are there any risks involved?

Participants will be asked to join the Rescue website and upload a 500w story about rescuing habitat or animals. Early in 2019 some of these stories will be selected to be part of a podcast and you may be asked if you would like to record your story using a phone. You may also be approached for a further interview about your experiences as a land carer. Both the interview and recording are voluntary and if you choose to take part we will help you with how to do so. We don’t expect this project to cause any harm or discomfort, however if you experience feelings of distress because of telling your story you can let the research team know and they will provide you with assistance.


  1. What are the possible benefits to participation?

We hope to use information we get from this research study to see how people benefit from engaging in acts of habitat and animal rescue. Your story will exist online in an attractive setting which you can share with your friends, you may learn about the way others take part in land care, you may enjoy being part of a storytelling community of like-minded people, and you may enjoy being part of a podcast.


  1. What will happen to information about me?

Submission of your story to the Rescue website is an indication of your consent. By doing so you are providing your permission for the research team to collect and use your story for the research study. Your story will be kept indefinitely after the research is completed as a snapshot of Australian stories told during the summer of 2018/19. Other personal and identifiable information will be destroyed.


  1. How and when will I find out what the results of the research study are?

The PhD will be publicly available on completion. Contributors will be emailed (no sooner than 2021) with a link to the thesis in the UNSW library. If part or all your contribution is used in any lay publication before this time you will be notified via the email you provide when you join the website and you will be credited for your work with your full name. In academic publication or analysis your work may be quoted in full or in part, but it will be de-identified, according to standard academic practice.


  1. Copyright and editing

Copyright remains with the you, the writer, and you will be credited for any use. The contributed work must be entirely your own and you must not infringe anyone else’s copyright or other rights. While you retain copyright, contribution and consent implies consent for use in full or in part in non-commercial publications including but not limited to annual reports, social media, regional radio, books and podcasts into the future. Light editing for sense/grammar/spelling may occur without consultation but we will ask you if we have any larger concerns about the writing.


  1. What if I want to withdraw from the research study?

You may withdraw at any time. You can do this by contacting the administrator, Gretchen Miller, on You can additionally unsubscribe from the website and your story will be removed from it. If you decide to leave the research study, the researchers will destroy any information that has already been collected and no additional information will be collected from you. Your decision not to participate or to withdraw from the study, will not affect your relationship with UNSW Sydney or Landcare Australia.

The information you provide is personal information for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW). You have the right of access to personal information held about you by the University, the right to request correction and amendment of it, and the right to make a complaint about a breach of the Information Protection Principles as contained in the PPIP Act. Further information on how the University protects personal information is available in the UNSW Privacy Management Plan.


  1. What should I do if I have further questions about my involvement in the research study?

Please contact the student researcher and website director Gretchen Miller -


  1. What if I have a complaint or any concerns about the research study?

Please contact the UNSW Human Ethics Coordinator on 9385 6222, email:


I understand I am being asked to provide consent to participate in this research study;

I have read the Participant Information Sheet;

I understand I can ask questions and the research team will respond to my questions.

I freely agree to participate in this research study as described and understand that I am free to withdraw at any time during the study and withdrawal will not affect my relationship with any of the named organisations and/or research team members;

I understand that I can download a copy of this consent form from

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