A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to the Rescue Project. Thank you for your stories and your comments but also for spending time thinking about the meaning of what you do and what it does for you and your community. Landcare Australia and I very much value these stories, and you will find them shared in Landcare Australia newsletters and social media over the coming months. This year is one for celebrating Landcare’s 30th anniversary and implicit in that is a celebration of all your on-the-ground contributions to the work that makes up this mighty community movement.

So, on the top line of stories on the page you will find the ten selected to become part of the Rescue Project Podcast. I would have loved to select more – my ‘short list’ included more than half the contributions submitted here!

Please read and enjoy and leave your feedback for the writers – but also do dip below the line because there is much insight, not to mention food for thought to be gained from the experiences described by these land, water and creature carers.

And stand by for the podcast – readings by the writers that will transport you to locations all around the country. Plus a documentary length episode with the land and water carers of the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland.

The photo is one of my favourites, by Susie Sarah.

Feel free to keep sharing stories to the site – and thanks for visiting, and participating,

Gretchen Miller


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