Landcare Rescue Project

Landcarers have long been ‘rescuing the land’ and while doing so, telling tall tales and true. The formal Landcare movement is now 30 years old, and a new citizen storytelling website is giving Landcarers an opportunity to share their stories of what it’s like to tend to tired earth, conserve a stand of trees or look into a creature’s eyes as they rescue it from harm’s way.

The Rescue Project calls for 500 word stories of restoration, protection and rehabilitation of riverbanks and tracts of bush or eroded beaches, waterways, gardens, farmland and native animals.

To find out more about the Rescue Project, to read or listen to some of the inspiring stories, or contribute your own, visit

Some of the stories have been wonderfully curated into podcasts rich with sound by ex-ABC Radio National host Gretchen Miller. You can listen to these below, via the Rescue website or via the Apple Podcast app.

LISTEN TO - On the Atherton Tablelands

by Gretchen Miller | Landcare Rescue

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The Rescue Project is a collaboration between Gretchen Miller, UNSW and Landcare Australia. The project also makes up part of Gretchen Miller’s PHD research project at UNSW, looking at citizen storytelling for environmental communication.

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