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Landcare Australia, Junior Landcare, Coastcare, the Cropped Rectangle device and the Caring Hands logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Landcare Australia Limited.

Who can use the Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare logos?

Landcare Australia Limited owns and carefully manages the use of the trademarks of the original and refreshed versions of the Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare logos and branding. As the holder of the very reputable and easily recognised community brands, Landcare Australia Limited restricts the use of the logo. Generally the community groups that can use the logo are:

• Local community based environmental volunteer groups that focus upon on-ground works including Coastcare, Landcare, Friends of, Bushcare, Dunecare, Rivercare and Junior Landcare groups

• Landcare state and territory representative bodies 

Landcare Australia will provide artwork for your group at no cost. All logos developed must incorporate your group name. Other uses of the logo are restricted and tightly controlled. Some examples of these are:

• CMA and NRM organisations may only use the logo through a license agreement with Landcare Australia Limited and only if the Landcare groups in their region gives written approval

• Government departments or bodies may only use a Landcare logo through a license agreement with Landcare Australia Limited

• Use of the logo on signage on Landcare Australia Limited Corporate Partner funded projects (e.g. on local parks to show combined Landcare Australia Limited and corporate partner project) require approval

• Commercial organisations may only use the logos if they have a sponsorship or partnership agreement which specifically allows their use with Landcare Australia Limited or a Landcare group. All commercial uses of the logo must be negotiated with Landcare Australia Limited. (This provides protection against misuse of the logos).

All queries regarding the use of the Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare logos should be directed to enquiries@landcareaustralia.com.au

Landcare Logo Frequently Asked Questions

Click the button below to know more about the usage of the Landcare ‘Caring Hands’ logo.

How to obtain a Landcare, Coastcare or Junior Landcare group logo.

As a Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare group you can request your own Landcare group logo incorporating your group name, but first your group will need to be registered on the National Landcare Directory.

Go to the National Landcare Directory to find out if your group is already registered.

If you would like to register your group on the National Landcare Directory, or to request a logo for your Landcare, Coastcare or Junior Landcare group, please submit your group name and details on the National Landcare Directory here (Melissa insert the link), or you can email us at enquiries@landcareaustralia.com.au


Style guides for Landcare, Coastcare or Junior Landcare groups

Click on the appropriate logo below to view the applicable style guide/guidelines for that logo layout:

Whenever you co-brand your group’s logo with a corporate partner or supporting organisation, you need to obtain approval for the use of the logos from both Landcare Australia and the corporate partner or supporting organisation. For more information email enquiries@landcareaustralia.com.au

Style guides for corporate partners and supporters of Landcare Australia

Click the brand above to view the relevant brandmark style guide.


Old Landcare logo no longer in use

In the past groups have used the Landcare logo with the word ‘Landcare’ under the hands without ‘Australia”. However, we have noticed an increased misuse of this Landcare logo. Therefore this logo is no longer available for groups or organisations to use. The Landcare caring hands have to be used together with a group’s name in accordance with the Style Guide and terms of use provided by Landcare Australia.

Report logo misuses

The Landcare logo and iconic caring hands are important symbols that represent the Landcare ethic of grassroots groups and communities working together on sustainable land management and environmental conservation activities. Please report any misuses of the Landcare Logo by emailing us at enquiries@landcareaustralia.com.au with ‘Logo Misuse’ in the subject line.

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