Starting something new is never easy…

One of the biggest obstacles everyone faces is starting something new.

Writing this post was not easy at first. But we all need to start somewhere.

Starting an employee engagement program for your organisation doesn’t need to be hard. The fundamental thing to remember is to make your program unique and simple to ensure it can work effectively and successfully.

Below are some tips from our experience on how to start and shape your employee engagement program:

  • Use your program to reinforce your organisational values: This is a great opportunity to share with your employees your organisational values and how the values can support your employee engagement program.
  • Select a champion: Select someone in your organisation who would be great at helping set up the program. Reward and incentivise them. Make sure they reinforce the importance of employee engagement.
  • Develop structure into your program: If you are including workplace giving in your employee engagement program – and we recommend you should! – you will need to consider if your organisation will include company matching. Company matching is proven to motivate your employees to participate and create a positive impact on company culture.
  • Set a goal: Set a goal for your employee engagement program such as supporting three fundraising campaigns per year, have 30-50% of employees participating in volunteering or joining the workplace giving program.
  • It’s all about image: Get your leadership team involved and showcase the benefits of employee engagement to the rest of the organisation.
  • Motivation is key: Ask your employees what interests them and what causes they would like to support. Are they interested in helping to protect wildlife, supporting environmental projects in schools, or tree planting? If you need help, ask us for an employee engagement survey.

These six simple steps are all it takes to start an employee engagement program.

If your organisation needs help in setting up an employee engagement program, please contact us on (02) 9412 1040, or email Fundraising Team at or visit

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