Australia faces many challenges which impact our natural environment. As stewards of this land, we have a responsibility to care for and protect it.

We are all landcarers and we need to work together to build a better tomorrow is integral to ensuring our country’s future. As individuals, we can make a small difference. But together we can achieve great things.

Landcare volunteers give more than just their time to protect the future of our natural environment. Their passion, commitment and determination is inspiring.

They work hard so that we can have a better tomorrow.

Today please consider making a special contribution of $35, $50 or $100 or anything you can manage. Your contribution will help achieve great things by developing the tools needed to support Landcare’s most important assets – Landcare volunteers.

How important are our Landcare volunteers?


Meet Dot and Glenn Moller from Boatharbour Landcare in Lismore.

They became Landcare volunteers in 2007 when they noticed their local landscape was in desperate need of rescuing.

“There was a drought and we realised things needed to be sorted out. What started out as a necessity to repair the land, became something we have become extremely passionate about. The more we learnt about land conservation, the more interested we got. It’s kept us busy for the past 11 years and we absolutely love it.”

“Our catchment area in Lismore has been heavily cultivated for 50 years and not much native vegetation has been left. We’ve had a population explosion which had a major impact on the number of koalas in the area, so much so that our area does not have any koalas anymore.”

The disappearance of koalas is not the only issue impacting the area as Glenn explains, “Apart from the koalas, our rivers have been over cleared and not much vegetation on the river banks remain. The Riverine survey by New England University gave the Wilson River – our local river – an ‘F’ for water quality and aquatic habitat.”

Dot continues, “We have a broken river that needs some healing and care. Our community needs to come together and fix this problem. ‘F’ is just not good enough. We need to repair the river to improve its quality, its habitat and its health.”

It is vital that the community takes action together as Dot explains, “It has been a challenge to get people involved as there has been some resistance. However, as a community, it is vital we work together. If we don’t, we are all going to suffer. One dairy farmer has been saying he is worried about his cattle drinking the water as its quality is so poor. He is worried about the impact of water quality on his product. This isn’t just his problem to face alone. We all rely on our rivers and we all need to do something to stop these problems.”

Dot and Glenn’s story is just one example of the great work volunteers are achieving across the country. Like you, they care about our country’s future.

How you will be making a difference

We cannot build a better tomorrow without the help of people like Dot and Glenn. Landcare Australia wants to help every Landcare group across Australia recruit more volunteers so that our natural environment receives the care and protection it desperately needs.

In an era of continuously evolving technology, we have a fantastic opportunity to ‘build a better tomorrow’ through an innovative digital micro-networking platform called Landcarer.

This platform is designed to help the Australian Landcare community to, collaborate, share and access information, stories, research and opportunities

Landcarer will help usher the Landcare movement into the digital age.

Rohan Antao, Innovations and Technology Manager explains the importance of Landcarer, “By creating a single source of Landcare-related information, it will be easier for everyone involved in Landcare to share and learn from one another – no matter where they are. Given the current successes of social networks, we particularly hope to engage the next generation of Landcarers.”

The first of its kind within the Landcare community, some of the features the platform offers includes publishing the latest data from research and development organisations and other knowledge experts, and offering capabilities for Landcare groups, like Dot and Glenn’s, to recruit volunteers.

“We are working on building a module that gives access to a volunteer network that will help individuals looking to volunteer and those in need of volunteers to connect with each other instantly,” Rohan said.

With your support of $35, or anything you can manage, you will be contributing to an important tool for building a better tomorrow for our natural environment.

And a stronger volunteer community builds a stronger Landcare movement.

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