New weed brochures from the Cactus Warriors

By Lee Mead, President Tarrangower Cactus Control Group Inc.

The Tarrangower Cactus Control Group (TCCG) has recently completed a project producing some new weed control brochures for the Mt. Alexander Shire region in Victoria.

Five brochures were created, one specific for each of the five wards within the shire. The brochures highlight the most problematic weeds specific to each ward and provide information and contacts to encourage landowners to manage their noxious weeds.

The Tarrangower Cactus Control Group has produced some new weed control brochures.

The idea for these brochures was seeded by the problem TCCG has with some non-compliant property owners. Most of the landowners that don’t control wheel cactus infestations are absentee owners, weekenders or new owners who are unaware of their weed responsibilities. The Cactus Warriors have problems connecting and engaging with these landowner categories because, as a volunteer group, they do not have access to postal address records and have limited time.

Recognising that these problems are not unique to wheel cactus, and that there are control problems with many different weeds within their shire, TCCG invited all local Landcare groups to contribute by voting for their “top 10” weeds. This method revealed the most serious weeds in each of the five wards and these were highlighted in the brochures.

The Mt. Alexander Shire have agreed to include a brochure in the ‘Welcome Kit’ sent out to all new ratepayers. This will hopefully capture the problem groups, helping to educate new landowners as soon as they purchase a property and reaching the ones that don’t live in the shire.

The brochures provide information about the responsibilities of landowners to manage weeds, identification and best control methods to use and where to find more detailed information. They also stress that not only rural properties should be involved in weed control, but urban properties also have the same legal responsibilities, emphasizing that most noxious weeds are escapee plants from private gardens.

TCCG thanks the many local Landcare groups who participated in this project by voting for weeds and contributing photos of their local weed infestations. The brochures include the contact details for these groups and will hopefully lead to future new enquiries and members. Thanks also to Mt. Alexander Shire Council for funding the project.

The brochures will be available to download from the Mt. Alexander Shire, Connecting Country and TCCG websites, and hardcopies will be available from the shire office, Connecting Country and local Landcare groups. Contact the TCCG via their website at if you have any queries.

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