$1 Million of WIRES Landcare Wildlife Relief & Recovery Grants

The WIRES Landcare Wildlife Relief and Recovery Grants program is now closed. We will announce the grant recipients late May. To keep informed about our upcoming grants programs, please subscribe to our Landlink newsletter.


The Landcare Australia and WIRES partnership is all about implementing immediate response, recovery and resilience building projects for wildlife in bushfire and drought impacted communities across Australia.

The grants program will provide networks and groups additional support to coordinate and fund projects to maximise the impact of their contribution to recovery efforts and strengthen outcomes for wildlife.


  • Improved outcomes for wildlife following devastating bushfires and drought across Australia, aligned with key government response priorities
  • Local communities supported to undertake priority short to medium-term wildlife support and associated habitat rehabilitation projects

NOTE: funding through this grants program is not available for pest animal control.

If you have a proposed activity that is not listed in the above list you must be able to demonstrate the need for the activity and the expected outcome relating to wildlife recovery, post bushfire and/or in drought-impacted areas.

A full copy of the Guidelines and Criteria is available HERE.

COVID-19: be mindful that holding community events, workshops and some of your usual landcare activities, where groups of people will be in close proximity, may not be feasible under the current restrictions. Applicants may wish to consider below alternatives:

  • Webinars
  • Online Videos and Podcasts series hosted on Landcarer
  • Social distancing planning/site visits
  • Camera trap monitoring identification and support

Please see WIRES webpage to see how wildlife carers can manage COVID-19 restrictions.

Watch the instructional videos below on how to apply:

Funding Available

A total pool of $1,000,000 of funding is available for the WIRES – Landcare Wildlife Relief & Recovery Grants 2020.

Eligible applicants are invited to apply for grants of up to $20,000 (ex GST)

For projects that require funding over $20K, larger joint projects, and major landscape-scale recovery projects, please contact Landcare Australia to discuss your options.  grants@landcareaustralia.com.au or (02) 8440 8819.

Key dates

Applications open: Thursday 2nd April, 2020
Applications close: Thursday 30th April, 2020 (3pm AEST)
Successful applicants notified: End of May, 2020
Progress update: Friday 27th November, 2020
Final Report due and project completed: Friday 18th June, 2021



Landcare Australia will consider your application if:

  • Your landcare groups, networks, or community environmental organisations (e.g. Bushcare, ‘Friends Of’ etc) are undertaking works in an area affected by drought or bushfire in 2019 or 2020, and
  • Your project is directly-related to the implementation of bushfire- or drought-related wildlife recovery activities, such as:
    • survey and impact assessment
    • targeted research and citizen science
    • wildlife care (food, water, protection etc.)
    • habitat restoration (including nest boxes, hollows, revegetation, etc.)
    • revegetation, shelterbelts and fences
    • protecting waterways and managing erosion
    • managing weeds (including related training and workshops)
    • working with Traditional Owner groups
    • protection and management of unburnt areas and refuges for drought and fire-affected wildlife
    • seed collection and plant propagation
    • contractors: e.g. researchers, surveyors, arborists, fencers etc.
    • tools equipment and infrastructure (shipping containers, pumps, water tanks etc.)

If you have a proposed activity that is not listed in the above list you must be able to demonstrate the need for the activity and the expected outcome relating to wildlife recovery, post bushfire and/or in drought-impacted areas.

Other conditions:

  • Projects to be undertaken in the next 12 months
  • Projects can be conducted on public or private land (where permission granted)
  • Multiple applications per group may be considered
  • Joint applications and community partnerships are strongly encouraged

Ineligible organisations

The following organisations are ineligible to apply:

  • Unincorporated groups*
  • Commonwealth statutory authorities
  • State, Territory or Local Governments
  • Government NRM organisations
  • Schools, pre-schools and education providers
  • Not for profits operating at a nationwide level
  • Universities and research institutions.

*Unincorporated groups should apply with an auspicing body (e.g. local Landcare group). If you need support with this process, please get in touch with the Grants Team (grants@landcareaustralia.com.au /(02) 8440 8819).

Landcare Australia wish to support as many good projects as possible and therefore if your organisation is ineligible we encourage your organisation to work as supporting co-contributors for applications with a local Landcare group.

CLICK HERE to find your nearest group, or get in touch with the Grants Team via grants@landcareaustralia.com.au / (02) 8440 8819

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my group need an ABN to receive a grant?

Yes, however if your group does not have an ABN you can arrange for an affiliated group with an ABN (e.g. local council) to receive the grant funds on your behalf.

Does the grant include GST?

Yes, however not all groups are eligible to receive GST. Check whether your group is eligible to receive GST here.

Independent advice should be sought if you are unsure. Please ensure your budget does not exceed the total grant funding stipulated in the guidelines. Funds will be transferred to the applicant’s nominated bank account if deemed successful.

Where is the funding coming from?

Landcare Australia is working with WIRES to provide funding for landcare projects in fire affected areas.

For a full list of FAQs please click here.

How to apply

Groups can apply for the WIRES – Landcare Wildlife Relief & Recovery Grants 2020 on the Landcare Australia Communities Portal until Thursday 30th April, 2020 (3pm AEST).

To submit an application:

  1. Login to the Landcare Australia Communities Portal. If you have applied for a grant on the portal in the past, your username will be your email address. If you have not applied for a grant before, you can register as a user here.
  2. Click on ‘WIRES – Landcare Wildlife Relief & Recovery Grants 2020‘.
  3. Click on ‘Create Application’.
  4. If you wish to leave a partially completed application, press ‘Save’ and log out. You can log back in and continue to edit your application form until you are ready to submit.
  5. To submit your application, select the ‘Is application complete?’ checkbox and press ‘Submit my application’.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been successfully submitted. If you do not receive an email, please ensure you check your junk mail.

For questions about the online application call (02) 8440 8819 or email grants@landcareaustralia.com.au

Terms and Conditions

The funding for this grant will be administered by Landcare Australia. Before receiving funding, you will be required to agree to the standard terms and conditions.

Funding out to groups

Landcare Australia will continue to raise funds for bushfire affected communities, and welcome Expressions of Interest after the closing date.

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