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Youth Engagement in Landcare How-To Kit

Are you a Landcare or community group looking to engage young people in your projects?


Whether you are an existing Landcare group or network looking to run projects that will engage young people, or a young person looking to start your very own Landcare adventure, there are a number of things you need to consider before starting.

The Youth Engagement in Landcare How-To Kit was developed by Landcare Australia’s 2012 National Young Landcare Leader Megan Rowlatt, with the support of Landcare Australia and the Australian Government Department of the Environment. The kit provides useful tips and guidelines on managing Landcare projects, with focus on how to engage the 18-35 demographic, and of course those who may not fall into this but are still young at heart!


The Youth Engagement in Landcare How-To Kit is accompanied by project plan templates that will help you, as a groups or individual, get started, and includes a small eBook of case studies that is sure to provide you with inspiration and invaluable guidance for managing your own project.


To download your copy of the Youth Engagement in Landcare How-To Kit, templates, and case studies, click on the links below:


Youth Engagement in Landcare How-To Kit

Project Design Template

How to Case Studies

To find out more about our other youth engagement programmes, visit our Green Army page.

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