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The National Landcare Directory (NLD) is a directory of community environmental 'care' groups across Australia. Groups registered include Landcare networks and groups, farmers, landholders, Traditional land managers, Bushcare, ‘Friends of; Coastcare, Dunecare, Rivercare and Junior Landcare. Also registered are environmental community groups who may not have Landcare in their group name, yet they are caring for their local environment with conservation and sustainable land management activities.

The National Landcare Directory helps you search for groups by suburb, or postcode. Telephone numbers, email addresses and street addresses are displayed where they have been supplied with permission to publish.

Add your group to the National Landcare Directory. You can also change your group's details here.

You can also search for a group near you through the National Landcare Network and the Landcare State and Territory Organisations websites. You can also explore Junior Landcare projects at schools and early learning centres across Australia.

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