Gallagher Australia began its partnership with Landcare Australia in 2018 as sponsor of the 2018 National Landcare Conference and the donation of in-kind Gallagher Electric Fencing to support several Landcare Group projects nationally.

To increase the company’s efforts in demonstrating their commitment to local communities and the environment, in 2019 the Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants program was launched.  These grants provide support for conservation fencing and grazing management projects around the country.  Grant funding includes a combination of in-kind electrical fencing and monetary funding.  Thirteen graziers and Landcare groups in six states were beneficiaries of these inaugural Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grants

With the success of the 2019 grants and a continuing commitment to support projects aligned with the priority areas of conservation, grazing management and feral exclusion, a second round of Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants was made available in March 2020 with the recipients to be announced in July 2020.

Gallagher offers a full range of animal management products and integrated solutions, including a range of permanent and portable electric fencing. 

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