Gallagher Australia partnered with Landcare Australia in 2018 as a sponsor of the 2018 National Landcare Conference. To increase the company’s efforts in demonstrating their commitment to local communities and the environment, in 2019 the Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grants program was launched.   

The grants provide in-kind electrical fencing and funding for graziers and groups to undertake fencing projects, using Gallagher products. The projects must have tangible environmental or sustainable agriculture outcomes, and provide knowledge-sharing opportunities through field days, site visits or demonstrations. 

This first round of grants provided support for 13 conservation fencing and grazing management projects around the country.   

The 2019 grant projects were completed in 2020 with exceptional environmental and sustainability results.  See below for links to case studies for two of the projects. 

Due to COVID, the second grants round was postponed until 2021, with the announcement of 14 groups and individuals from five states being awarded Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants 

Gallagher offers a full range of animal management products and integrated solutions, including a range of permanent and portable electric fencing. 


Two case studies from 2019 Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grants Program 

Protecting a threatened ecological community from feral pigs and other pests  

Baas and bandicoots predator proof paddock 


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