Latina Fresh, a General Mills brand, partnered with Landcare Australia in 2018 to develop a sustainable agriculture program in northwest New South Wales to help farmers improve the sustainability and resilience of farm production systems.

Latina Fresh has been making fresh pasta using Australian durum wheat for over 20 years and their pasta relies on high quality Australian durum wheat. Some 50% to 70% of durum wheat is grown in northwest New South Wales, which has been hit hard by the effects of drought in recent times.

As a first step in this program, Landcare Australia conducted a needs analysis with farmers in this area who indicated that they want to understand more about the benefits of cover crops and managing harvest stubble.

Landcare Australia and Latina Fresh are working with farmers to develop methods for conserving more of any spring and summer rainfall in the soils and storing it for when needed by crops.  These activities have been shown to help stabilise soils, increase fallow efficiency, and, in the medium to long term, help improve resilience of regional farming systems.

We will jointly share the learnings from the trials to benefit all farmers in the region to advance sustainable agricultural practices in Australia.

View video explaining General Mills and Landcare Australia partnership about soil management.

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