My Landcare Legacy 

Landcare means different things to different people.

At its very roots, Landcare is about working together caring for the land to preserve our natural resources and biodiversity for generations to come. Landcare at the individual level is about what role you play in caring for your land to achieve this goal.

Over the next year, the Landcare Farming team is looking to Australian land managers for help to promote our stewardship stories and experiences, and invite others from their industry sector to get involved in the campaign. The My Landcare Legacy campaign is our first step in building broader recognition of best management farming practices and producers who have been putting the ‘green’ in clean and green Australian agriculture for over 30 years.

The Landcare Farming Program, a joint partnership between the National Landcare Network and Landcare Australia, will deliver the My Landcare Legacy campaign nationally throughout 2021. The campaign offer Landcarers an opportunity to share what drives their passion for good farming practices and environmental stewardship in their business.

What is My Landcare Legacy?

The My Landcare Legacy campaign we will provide Australian Landcarers an opportunity to share their story using a ‘selfie kit’ along with a several short questions to showcase their passion and landcare legacy.

Our vision is to collect over 250 photos of Australian producers and land managers to showcase to the community why they are passionate about being good stewards of their land, their impact and vison for the Australian farming landscape. These snapshots will share their story including:

My landcare passion is for?
My landcare message to others?
My landcare legacy will be?
My recommended reading?


What’s Involved?

The My Landcare Legacy selfie kit has already been distributed many Landcare leaders.  Our very first wave of participants are National Landcare representatives who will kick off the campaign with a photo snapshot of their network leaders and groups using the My Landcare Legacy selfie kit, before passing the kit to others within their family, group or network.

Once they have taken a photo and filled out the short questionnaire, this is then published on the Landcare Farming website using the link provided. The next step is for them to hand over the selfie kit to another Landcare farmer or group, similar to how a ‘message stick’ or ‘relay baton’ is passed along a chain. In 2021, we will follow the My Landcare Legacy selfie kits and the participants uploads as the kits move around Landcare networks across Australia, building a map that demonstrates the interconnectivity and scale of our networks – and experiences.

The My Legacy Kit includes a selfie frame to ‘Frame’ each speaker or the work being delivered. The selfie frame has the Landcare Farming Program logo, social media tags written on the frame – feel free to add your own hashtags and tags and post via your usual communication networks so we can map the footprint of the project as it builds nationally. When the Landcare Farming Program team receive your submission we will publish your snapshot to our webpage, and promote via Landcare Australia’s social media channels.

My Landcare Legacy

The campaign outcomes will include a national ‘map’ of our vision and networks – imagine an Australian jigsaw map – with the pieces being made up of Landcare farmers and land managers – all promoting our collective capacity to deliver landscape scale change. Standout producers, networks and their Landcare projects identified during the campaign will have an opportunity to further develop their stories with professionally developed cases studies to help demonstrate best practice environmental stewardship and strengthen Landcare.

Awards for best images, local identities, rising star award, best photo and longest distance a kit has travelled will be announced on completion of the campaign in early 2022.

It’s easy to get participate with these three easy steps:


When you receive the My Legacy Kit, identify areas on your property where you or your group have made changes, or an area that has had a major impact during your life


Take photos that demonstrates why the person or place is important. You can use your phone camera, ensure that you select high resolution for the image so it looks good online


Now you have the photo,  complete the submission form here and attach the image. We will then publish your image and information to the online community platform, Landcarer via the Landcare Farming group

We will use the Landcare network and social media to promote the people and stories submitted, and also monitor the travel distance and interactions as the images evolve on the Landcare Farming webpage – so make sure you clearly add your name and any tags or links you would like to promote to your submission for maximum impact.

If your State and Territory Landcare Organisation cannot provide a kit to you or your team – please contact the Landcare Farming Program Manager and we will send a kit to you directly to you [email protected]

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