My Landcare Legacy 

Landcare means different things to different people.

At its very roots, Landcare is about working together caring for the land to preserve our natural resources and biodiversity for generations to come. Landcare at the individual level is about what role you play in caring for your land to achieve this goal.

Over the next year the Landcare network is working to promote our stories and experiences and invite other farmers and their industry to join with us and continue the legacy we have forged. The ‘My Landcare Legacy’ campaign is our first step in building broader recognition of Landcarers who have been putting the ‘green’ in clean and green Australian agriculture for over 30 years.

In October 2020, the My Landcare Legacy campaign will be rolled out nationally, offering Landcarers an opportunity to share what drives their passion for good farming practices and environmental stewardship in their business.

What is My Landcare Legacy?

My Landcare Legacy will provide Australian Landcarers an opportunity to share simple snapshots sharing their passion and pride for their Landcare Legacy.

Our vision is to collect 250 home videos of Australian producers and land managers telling the community why they are passionate about being good stewards of their land – and their vison for our farming future. These snapshots will be two minutes long and answer three questions:

My landcare passion is for?
My landcare message to others?
My landcare legacy will be?

What’s Involved?

In September 2020, the My Landcare Legacy kit will be sent to 20 Landcare custodians. Our first wave of Landcarers and National Landcare representatives, including the National Landcare Network, will be tasked with recording at least three My Landcare Legacy videos before passing the kit to another within their family/group/local network.

Once they have recorded the video with their Landcare family, network or group, they simply upload it to the link provided. Once uploaded they will pass the kit to another Landcare farmer or group, similar to how a ‘message stick’ or ‘relay baton’ is passed along a chain.

Over the six months we will follow the My Landcare Legacy kits and uploads as they move around Landcare networks across Australia, building a map that demonstrates the interconnectivity and scale of our networks – and experiences. Each of the kits will include directions on how to capture the video snapshots, and how to share the video via the Landcare Farming webpage and how to pass the kit with others in their network.

Each video must be no longer than two minutes and captured on a mobile phone. We will provide all the information required to take the video, upload it and where to watch it. A selfie frame will come with the kit to ‘Frame’ each speaker. The frame will have the Landcare Farming Program logo, social media tags and the three questions.

Once received, the Landcare Farming Program team will publish the video to our webpage, and promote via Landcare Australia’s social media channels.

My Landcare Legacy

We will use the Landcare network and social media to promote these videos and kits and map the travel distance and interactions on the Landcare Farming webpage. By completion we will have a national ‘map’ of our vision and networks to promote our capacity to deliver landscape scale change.

Standout producers, networks and their Landcare projects will be identified during the campaign, and the Landcare Farming Project will further develop their stories and cases studies to help demonstrate best practice environmental stewardship and strengthen Landcare. Standout Landcarer stories identified in the campaign will be further engaged to develop case studies or produce professional videos.

Awards for best video, rising star award, best actor, longest distance a kit has travelled and more will be announced in 2021.

Once videos have been submitted they’ll be uploaded to the Landcare Farming group on online community platform, Landcarer.

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