2017 Habitat Restoration Grants

In 2017, $100,000 was raised through Landcare Australia’s Workplace Giving Program to provide much needed funds to help address the impact that feral animals, human encroachment, and introduced species have on our country’s soil and waterways, and our native plants and animals.

Workers across Australia at 23 companies such as Telstra, Qantas, and Konica Minolta, recently helped fund 10 habitat restoration projcts that are tackling the issue of endangered species.

One tree matters.

Brettacorp Inc. in Murrigal was awarded $10,000 to enhance, create and bolster biodiversity at their rehabilitation site. ‘North of the Tully’ has a gazetted creek that transects the property. One phase will be to revive the waterway. The second is to implement the Miwayaki method of forest building, an innovative technique that hasn’t been utilised in Australia, and finally conduct monthly tree planting events open to the public.

Endangered, threatened and vulnerable species such as below will find sanctuary

Southern Cassowary

Mahogany Glider

Eastern Curlew

Crimson Finch

Riparian Habitat Restoration in Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Landcare was awarded $10,000 to undertake a project to protect Australia’s threatened koalas. The project will restore habitat across 5.4 hectares of riparian bushland, closing the gaps in critical green corridors and helping koalas to live and move safely in suburbia. It will link rehabilitated riparian bushland upstream through Macquarie Nature Reserve directly to Kooloonbung Nature Park and Lake Innes Reserve.

Loss of habitat is a key threat to koalas in the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council area. Koalas are now more likely to become unhealthy or die from chlamydia, dog attacks or motor vehicles.

Julie Ho

Port Macquarie Landcare Group

King Parrot Catchment Fox Control Project

The Upper Goulburn Landcare Network was awarded $10,000 and aims to reduce the impact of foxes and feral cats on biodiversity throughout the King Parrot Creek catchment.

The key aim is to reduce the fox population so that native species that have been suppressed by fox predation have the opportunity to increase and occupy suitable habitat that is accessible to them.

Chris Cobern

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

Habitat Enhancement to Support the Endangered Coastal Emu

Bungawalbyn Landcare was awarded $10,000 to undertake a project to enhance habitat and reduce threats to the endangered north coast emu population in the Bungawalbyn catchment of northern NSW. Weed control and assisted regeneration practices will restore emu habitat and improve strategic access trails for emus across the landscape. Coordinated feral animal control programs will reduce threats to young and nesting birds, whilst engaging landholders.

As part of a collaborative effort with other land managers, we aim to increase habitat, reduce threats and inform future management of the species.

Sharyn Lafontaine

Bungawalbyn Landcare

Other projects funded

Improving biodiversity through restoration of habitat at Westgate Park using community volunteers

Melbourne volunteer group Friends of Westgate Park was awarded $10,000 and aims to revegetate 1.5 hectares of badly degraded and weed infested land that was previously a road reserve with a drainage channel, improving biodiversity and habitat.

Creating Waterbird Habitat at Lake Towerrinning Wetlands

It is expected that Blackwood Basin Group’s project will significantly enhance wetland habitat for bird species through revegetation, protection of existing habitat, and the creation and installation of three floating islands. The project will increase nesting sites and habitat for wetland fauna species, including 14 that are listed as significant to the area.

Rehabilitation of Corridors to Connect Significant Areas of Remnant Vegetation

Wellstead Community Resource Centre’s project will, among other things, install five hectares of provenance flora species in buffer plantings and wildlife corridors, reconnecting over 180 hectares of high diversity remnant vegetation on Wilyun Pools Farm.

“The park features significant lakes and wetlands and these, together with the vegetation, provide an ideal habitat for water and land based birds. Over 150 bird species have been recorded. Today, this bush-like haven is a great and easily accessible location to see native vegetation so close to the city”

Tony Flude
Friends of Westgate Park

“Creating a safe habitat around the wetlands for significant species is extremely important to ensure not only their survival, but also assisting their breeding and nesting opportunities”

Brian Chambers
Blackwood Basin Group

“It is the vision of Wilyun Pools Farm to be a local, state, national and international demonstration site where long term environmental monitoring helps find the balance between agricultural food production and careful management of landscape ecological health for a better future. I feel our project on Wilyun Pools Farm just continues to build and develop on many of the past activities undertaken within the District over the last three decades”

Sylvia Leighton
Wellstead Communtiy Resource Centre

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