Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grants showcase sustainability success

Having supported 27 projects in six states across Australia since its inception, the Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grants program has promoted the long-term environmental and agricultural sustainability benefits that can accrue through innovative fencing projects.

Dedicated to supporting local communities and the environment, the projects all display tangible environmental or sustainable agriculture outcomes, with grant recipients looking to provide knowledge-sharing opportunities through field days, site visits or demonstrations.

Projects in the 2021 grant cycle focused on:

  • Improving soil health and reducing degradation
  • Lessening the impacts of pest animals on critical native habitat
  • Managing grazing pressure and improving paddock vegetation
  • Enhancing biodiversity and removing feral predators from protected parkland

A key project in this cycle focused on the protection of the endangered Southern Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby. With between 100 to 170 Southern Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies estimated to remain in Australia, the Odonata Foundation was thrilled to receive a Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grant allowing them to transform Widgewah Conservation Reserve into Australia’s largest fenced safe haven for the animal.

With 20 people working to install 4500m of predator proof fencing to protect 80ha of critical wallaby habitat, the project was an incredible success. Already hot wires have seen threats to native plants and animals reduced, including browsing or trampling by herbivores (stock, rabbits and kangaroos), human damage and introduced pests. To support the fencing work the site has also seen 2000 native trees planted, with the Odonata Foundation planning to introduce the critically endangered Southern Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby to the site in autumn following the completion of pest control.

“Without the Gallagher telemetry system we would not be able to keep Widgewah reserve pest free and allow our critically endangered Southern Brush-tail Rock-wallabies to thrive.” – Scott Groves, Widgewah Conservation Reserve Manager

Landcare Australia and Gallagher are thrilled to see the fantastic sustainable impacts of these projects and look forward to supporting further initiatives through the 2022 Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grants, with applications opening in May 2022.

Gallagher offers a full range of animal management products and integrated solutions, including a range of permanent and portable electric fencing.

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