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Are you looking to partner with a not-for-profit organisation that is one of the most well-known community brands in Australia? Consider partnering with Landcare Australia. Our partnerships are designed and managed so that they align your organisation’s corporate social responsibility goals with Landcare community projects that deliver measurable outcomes. Your financial support will contribute directly to a wide range of initiatives including; supporting and promoting sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, revegetation, wetland conservation and endangered species habitat protection, urban greening, and educating Australia’s youth through the Junior Landcare programme. Our partnerships range in nature, and may take the form of; funding for on-ground projects, an in-kind arrangement like the provision of equipment or resources, participation of employees in corporate volunteering events, or support of our workplace giving programme. By partnering with us, you could join some of Australia’s most well-known companies such as; Holden, Coca Cola Australia, Lion Dairy, Telstra, and Yates, who currently contribute millions of dollars in funding annually, to support hundreds of Landcare community and school projects across the country.

Landcare Australia will meet your needs But you won’t have to comply with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution at Landcare Australia. We tailor all our partnerships to suit our partners’ objectives, budgets, and interests. As a Landcare Australia partner, we will assign a Partnerships Manager to take you through the entire process from concept to implementation and ongoing management to ensure that, together, we deliver on agreed upon social and environmental outcomes. Our projects address a comprehensive range of issues, for example, public education and awareness raising campaigns, grants for schools, sustainable farming, wildlife habitat creation, re-vegetation, and climate change adaptation. Our reach and diversity mean that we can also deliver projects in almost any location, on almost any issue, on budget and on deadline.

Why partner with Landcare Australia? Our key strengths are our flexibility, specialist knowledge of Australia’s environmental issues and sustainable agriculture practices and ability to engage community. With this experience, we can help your organisation develop and implement a relevant and meaningful programme that delivers benefits including:

• Better motivated and more productive employees.

• Creates a positive image within the community and with clients and customers.

• Improved position as an employer of choice.

• Involvement in local community projects are ideal opportunities to generate positive press coverage.

• Competitive advantage as a socially responsible organisation.

• Increased brand awareness through Landcare Australia’s PR activities.

More benefits from partnering with Landcare Australia. One of the most significant benefits you will receive through partnering with Landcare Australia lies in the potential for reach and exposure of your product or service. You will be able to:

• Tap into Landcare Australia’s professional marketing, and communications teams who will work with you to further develop your strategy and develop innovative campaigns and support material to maximise your partnership with Landcare

• Access the inspiring Landcare network and link with Landcare groups relevant to your business

• Be included in our monthly Landcare e-newsletter with distribution of 22,000

• Be included on the Landcare website with 17,000 unique visits each month

• Be included in our social media activity – over 23,500 Facebook likes, over 12,900 Twitter followers, 2,400 Instagram followers, 2,069 LinkedIn followers and over 1,000 Youtube subscribers

• Receive invitations to key events such as the National Landcare Awards that are attended by community volunteers, Landcare support organisations, federal government departments, Ministers and Landcare Australia’s corporate partners.

• Use the ‘Caring hands’ or ‘Landcare Australia’ logos in accordance with our guidelines

Landcare Australia can also engage your employees in Landcare group projects through our long-standing Corporate Environmental Volunteering program.

What is Landcare Australia Limited’s Partnerships Policy? Landcare Australia applies a comprehensive process to determine suitable corporate and philanthropic partners and the extent and nature of these partnerships.  Contact us If there is synergy between your company and Landcare Australia, please contact one of our corporate partnership managers on 02 94121040 or to discuss how you can get involved and support us.

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