Landcare Australia Board of Directors

Landcare Australia is governed by a skills-based board currently comprising of non-executive directors. The board oversees the strategic direction of Landcare Australia to ensure that the organisation continues to be at the forefront of community and corporate engagement in natural resource management and environmental project delivery. The board supports the Landcare Australia management team to execute the Strategic Plan.

The directors volunteer their expertise and experience, particularly in the areas of agriculture, natural resource management, First Nations Peoples community engagement, youth, innovative services, landcare knowledge, finance, legal and risk management, government relations, communications and business management.

Landcare Australia’s Board is supported by the following committees:

Partnerships, Marketing, Communications and Fundraising  Committee

This committee provides advice to the Board on strategies to maximise funds while protecting Landcare Australia’s brands. The committee develops and provides advice on the delivery of partnership guidelines, the management of Landcare Australia’s trademarks; the application of bequest funds; and monitors the marketing and public relations activities.

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

This committee reviews the organisation’s financial performance, that the reporting is compliant with external standards, and ensures appropriate risk management controls are in place. The committee also liaises with external auditors who review Landcare Australia’s financial report annually.

Governance and Remuneration Committee 

Company Secretary

The Company Secretary is responsible for the legal and statutory compliance on behalf of the Board. The Company Secretary is Janet Davison for Landcare Australia Limited.


The auditors for Landcare Australia Limited are Ernst and Young. 

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