About Coastcare

Coastcare is a community volunteer group made up of everyday Australians who care passionately about the protection and management of our coastal and marine environments. They identify local environmental problems and work together with government, local businesses and interest groups to achieve practical, sustainable solutions.

Thousands of volunteers from across the country form more than 500 Coastcare groups and, alongside their Landcare peers, put into action long-term, practical solutions in their local areas to look after and improve our natural resources.

Young and old, Coastcarers tackle problems like dune erosion, loss of native coastal plants and animals, storm water pollution, weeds and control of human access to sensitive and vulnerable areas.


Get involved in Coastcare

If you want to get involved with Coastcare and become one of our true local environmental heroes, click here to volunteer or here to start your own Coastcare group.

In some areas, Coastcare projects are supported by local councils so you might want to speak to yours.

You can also visit the following websites for further information:

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