All Australians caring for the land and water that sustain us.


To raise awareness of the landcare movement and build capacity for landcare communities to better manage the land and water assets that sustain us.


To provide services to the landcare community, including knowledge-sharing, education, promotion, participation, capacity building, funding, expertise and knowledge, major project delivery, recognition programs and protecting the ‘caring hands’ for the benefit of all. 

About Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia is the national not-for profit that works in partnership with multiple stakeholders to support the landcare community with funding and capacity building opportunities for on-ground projects. Landcare Australia develops campaigns to raise awareness of landcare to increase participation and to attract corporate and philanthropic support.

Custodian of the ‘caring hands’ logo, Landcare Australia is a multi-partisan organisation that manages the Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare brands on behalf of the Landcare movement. Landcare Australia is also a service provider and delivers major projects including the Federal Government’s 20 Million Trees program.

Established in 1989 by the late former Prime Minister, the Hon. Bob Hawke AC, Landcare Australia was started with the national formation of the Landcare movement – bringing farmers and conservationists together to resolve environmental issues.

For 30 years, Landcare Australia has worked collaboratively with federal, state and local governments, corporate partners, sponsors, other environmental agencies, community groups and individuals to support the landcare community.

The funding supports the landcare community to achieve a diverse range of positive outcomes. These include a sustainable approach to integrated land management, natural habitat restoration, enhancing biodiversity, building resilience in Australia’s food and farming systems, and creating social cohesion and wellbeing in communities.

What makes Landcare Australia unique to any other environmental not-for-profit organisation is the people. Across Australia, there are thousands of people involved in landcare who are working to protect local ecosystems that contribute to the sustainability and productivity of Australia’s land and water assets for the benefit of all Australians.

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