Landcare Australia is a not-for-profit organisation with a vision of all Australians actively caring for the land and water that sustain us. For almost 30 years, the organisation has worked collaboratively with federal, state and local governments, corporate partners, sponsors, and individuals to build capacity for the Landcare community to better manage Australia’s crucial land and water assets. Landcare Australia delivers hundreds of projects annually through the volunteer efforts of local community groups, Indigenous groups, and the more than 5,400 Landcare and Coastcare groups that make up the Landcare movement.

Improving our farmlands for sustainable productivity
As Australia’s land managers, owners of approximately 53 per cent of Australian land, primary producers – farmers – produce 93 per cent of the food we eat, and feed some 40 million people outside Australia every day.

More than 93 per cent of farmers are active practitioners of Landcare, each making significant contributions to the sustainability and productivity of our land and water assets. They actively work to combat soil salinity and erosion through sound land management practices and sustainable agriculture practices.

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