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Coastcare Resources

Whether you are looking to start your own Coastcare group to protect and manage your local coastal or marine environment, or need help promoting your group’s activities, we have created a few resources to help you get started.

Starting your own Coastcare Group

If you want to make a hands-on difference to your community but can’t find a Coastcare group to join in your area, or one that suits your passion for a particular type of project, you can start a group of your own and encourage your local community to get involved and volunteer.

Coastcare Group Resources Kit

We have developed the following resources that can be used all year round by groups, individuals, facilitators, coordinators and councils to help build capacity in community environmental groups. The resources have been designed to be a guideline to assist groups get started, or strengthen their Coastcare and Landcare activities.

Promoting your Coastcare Group’s Activities

Looking professional and sending a clear message is very important when you organise your event or promotion, especially when you would like volunteers or local business to get involved. Landcare Australia has developed free group resources to help you with this including; editable templates where you can change the titles, field names and insert your own logo (where the space is provided).

Occasionally there are templates developed specifically for promoting national campaigns like Coastcare Week, but for a local event, you are welcome to use the templates and resources we’ve listed below, we will continue to add more.

Using the Coastcare Logo

There are rules that govern the use of the Coastcare logo to ensure that the brand is protected for the benefit of all. Landcare Australia owns and manages the trademark and the use of the Landcare Australia, Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare brands. Landcare Australia’s brands and logos are easily recognised and have a high reputation to uphold. As such, Landcare Australia restricts the use of the logo.

As a Coastcare group you can request your own Coastcare group logo incorporating your group name. To obtain your logo please register your group on the National Landcare Directory. If you get approval from Landcare Australia to use the Coastcare logo, make sure you follow the logo style guide.

For all enqueries regarding the use of the Coastcare logo, please Contact Us.

Connect With Us

If you are a Coastcare, Landcare, Bushcare, Dunecare or Rivercare or any other environmental community group, and you have resources or ideas that you know would be useful for other groups across Australia – please Contact Us.


The resources on this webpage have been created by Landcare Australia for the use of landcare community groups.

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