Landcare Farming Innovations in Agriculture Series

The Landcare Farming Innovations in Agriculture Series is a joint partnership between Landcare Australia and the National Landcare Network, and funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, to raise awareness of creative landcare farming projects across the country.

Australian farmers and graziers have a long and proud history of achieving exceptional landcare outcomes in environmental stewardship and innovative land management practices that protect the health of our soil, water and biodiversity. From February to November 2023, we’ll be showcasing the following landcare farming projects from regional and rural areas across the country (click on headings to view more):

Harden Landcare (NSW) 

Ranging from the formation of the Ladies on the Land Group to their new Riparian Restoration Project, Harden Landcare will demonstrate the importance of landcare farming to all aspects of regional life.

Hunter Landcare (NSW) 

Taking a deep-dive into the implementation and demonstrable impacts of sustainable pasture transformation, Hunter Landcare will provide step-by-step instructions on how landcare farming practices can be implemented on-farm.

Mid-Lachlan Landcare (NSW)

Mid-Lachlan Landcare will detail their Growing the Grazing Revolution project, showcasing how a flexible peer learning environment supports local farmers and graziers to transition to best practice management.

Western Landcare NSW (NSW)

Exploring a range of projects from increasing raindrop retention to learnings from local seed nurseries, Western Landcare NSW will outline how landcare farming practices are benefitting agricultural communities across Western NSW.

Landcare Victoria (VIC) 

Landcare Victoria will showcase how farmers, graziers and Landcare Networks are combining landcare farming practices with habitat restoration and citizen science in four unique projects from across the state.

Southern Queensland Landscapes (QLD)

Southern Queensland Landscapes will be illustrating the wide variety of sustainable agricultural practices undertaken by Goondiwindi’s Maranoa Balonne Management Unit that are ensuring the sustainability and productivity of their land.

Regenerative Rangelands (QLD) 

Grazier Jody Brown will be sharing insights from her Regenerative Rangelands program and detailing how it is supporting farmers and graziers in semi-arid rainfall zones to transform their properties into sustainable, profitable agricultural businesses.

Landcare ACT (ACT)

Landcare ACT will explore the sustainable land management practices at Guises Creek and Callum Brae that are growing support for local agribusiness, securing future food supplies and combating the effects of climate change.

Perth NRM (WA) 

Perth NRM will present five inspiring stories from local farmers and graziers who are identifying, implementing and encouraging innovative and sustainable land management practices in the wider agricultural community.

The Landcare Farming Program (LFP) is a joint partnership between Landcare Australia and the National Landcare Network, funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program to strengthen the connection between landcare and Australian agriculture.

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